Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Park Right Solutions / Southwest Tow Operators Founder/Owner Admits to Bribing Law Enforcement & Property Managers for Towing Contracts

Call it outright fraud, corruption and unethical, but parking facility owners around the state of Texas should think twice before signing a contract with Park Right Solutions, Assured Towing or a member company of Southwest Tow Operators.

It's owner, Dan Messina in this video can be heard admit to bribing law enforcement, commit workers compensation fraud and cheating wage and hour employees.

As many legit towing company owners obey the law, Messina's seminar video garnered many negative comments from those who attended his seminar

" For a multi-billion dollar industry we have very few training sources. Dan Messina has made a name for himself by doing PPI towing. I am embarrassed that this person represents our industries best hope for professional training. In this one seminar I was stunned by the poor advice, illegal advice and especially how to commit workman's compensation fraud. This is the best we have to offer in training towers how to behave and operate"

"I could not even finish this video. This guy has taught this class how to break about every rule that We Check Inc. holds dear. Fairness in the market, A level playing field. Everyone having a chance in the market to be successful. Bribery is the key to running a thriving concern. Please take your crap and get out of our industry. Police departments all over the country should be embarrassed and the towing industry should be the same. What is being taught here is how to con your way to success. I do not believe that is what the people in this industry are looking to do. Rather they are looking for a future for their families that can continue for generations. If this is a leader in our industry, we as an industry must make some changes and those changes must come soon. I love the towing business but if this is what it has come to I for one am willing to fight to change our direction. Pitiful!"
Michael M. Stine  President We Check, Inc.

"This man just admitted to bribing police officers, scamming workers comp, cheating wage an hour, running contract employees. What an embarrassment to the industry as a whole. Eventually he will get caught."

"Wow, I wonder if the seminar itself would be considered illegal-for providing others with a means to brake the law? Or are they gonna have to catch him actually performing these acts?"

The Texas Workers Compensation Commission was all to delighted to learn of this video and intends to launch an investigation as is several other agencies, both state and federal.

This should send a message to parking facilities to verify with the Texas Department of Insurance, the employees of the towing company that are entering your property are covered with a valid Texas Workers Compensation policy and criminal history background checks on all tow truck operators that tow from your property.