Friday, November 14, 2008

Judge Rules In Favor of Towing Victim for $12,508.00

Just in this morning, a victim of illegal towing called to say that a Hidalgo County Judge returned a $12,508.00 judgment against Harrelson Property Management Inc, for seven statutory violation of the Occupations Code that regulates private property towing. This matter involved a property manager, who testified under oath, that the towing company gave her the towing signs, parking permits, in addition to striping the parking lot at no cost to the parking facility.

This judgment, like many others, are holding property management companies employed by property owners of parking facilities, financially responsible, for violating the Law.

This incident began from a visit to our website, that empowered a victim, with the information, counseling and state law in hand, to take this issue to Court, which ended in his favor, all because his vehicle was towed for an expired inspection sticker.

Parking facility managers and owners should think twice about accepting kickbacks from towing companies, as in the end, you will be held responsible.

The are actually three types of actions available to victims of illegal towing, (1) Probable Cause Hearing, (2) Justice or District Court for Statutory Violations, and (3) DTPA.

It is wise just to obey the law, instead of taking the advice of a towing company.