Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bexar Towing Agrees to $10k in Refunds

San Antonio based Bexar Towing has agreed to refund vehicle owners for overcharging and illegal tows based on a news story published this morning.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A&A Wrecker Parking Fee Scam Exposed

Austin, Texas based A&A Wrecker's criminal behavior exposed in an unauthorized parking fee scam targeting motorists towed from LAZ parking lots.

Recent email from another A&A Wrecker victim:

"I just had my scooter towed today from the LAZ parking lot at 216 Congress. I parked it on the edge of the lot near the sidewalk not taking up any spaces used by cars. After it was towed I found out this whole thing could've been avoided as scooters and motorcycles can park for 12 hours free at any city of Austin metered spot.

My issue with A&A is I called them at 4:30pm asking about my scooter and they told me it was a $190 fee and I could pick it up at any time 24/7. I went there around 9pm tonight and they proceeded to tell me I had to pay $11 to LAZ parking before they would release it (this is the first time they had mentioned this unknown fee), and that LAZ was closed for the day. I feel like they're scamming me and forcing me to charge me to hold onto the vehicle longer. 
Is it valid for them to hold my vehicle on behalf of some other company, I asked if I could pay them the $11 to give to LAZ as clearly they had some type of shared business, and they told me they have no connection to them?
This practice of towing companies collecting parking fees for paid parking lot owners and demanding them before releasing their stored vehicle is illegal. Any motorists charged this unauthorized parking fee by A&A Wrecker while in Austin or anywhere in Texas should file a complaint with TDLR.