Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Raider Wrecker Service Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity Targeting Texas Tech Students & Parents


The predators of Lone Star are knowingly towing vehicles with illegal tow signs posted and they have been doing it for the past two years. All of their tow signs state in the red background beneath the tow symbol at the “top” of the sign: “Towing Enforced At All Times”. State Law changed the wording and layout of the tow sign back on September 1, 2013.
The most recent changes to their tow signs by including the text under the red background: at all times and days, still does not make their signs legal. Because, the only text allowed in the red background is one of the three: “Towing Enforced”, “Booting Enforced”, or “Towing and Booting Enforced”. The added text “at all times and days” is illegal as well, as the times of enforcement is based on what the tow authorizations is, such as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
“To make matters worse for Leroy and Bennie, they don’t have a valid 255 document on not one of the properties they have been basically stealing vehicle from, then forcing vehicle owners and operators to submit to their ransom demand to release vehicles”.
Leroy and Bennie are enjoying everyone’s money living a lavish lifestyle thanks to the Lubbock Police Department outright refusal to enforce the State Towing, Booting and Storage Law. All of the other Lubbock tow companies who tow vehicle from parking lot provide a “legal” tow sign to their accounts, but Benny and Leroy convince their accounts with monetary kickbacks to ensure them the Red Raider tow is legal, when in fact they are not EVEN CLOSE TO BEING LEGAL.

Benny and Leroy claims the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations told them their sign is legal, which is an outright lie, as below is photo of the tow sign example TDLR provides on their website for tow companies to use:

It’s very clear this tow company and the Lubbock Police Department are engaging in organization criminal activity, not all of the police department, but those high enough in the ranks that control the department.

If you file the TDLR complaints with a photo of the tow sign where you park, these signs can be no farther that 25 feet from the street and must be “facing” the driver upon entry, TDLR will make these bottom feeders reimburse your money.

It’s highly recommended before getting to Red Raider’s storage lot, to which your rights will be violated without a doubt, read both of these direction pages.

Trusting Bennie, Leroy (the owners of Red Raider) or their tow truck drivers about legalities of your vehicle being towed, is like trusting your children in daycare operated by pedophiles.