Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Towing Industry Needs Fuel Surcharge

With diesel fuel over $4 a gallon, the cost to operate a legitimate towing company is becoming difficult. Most motorist haven't an idea the cost of owning a tow truck, much less an adult daycare for convicted felons. Companies being lured under deceptive circumstances, all cost of owning a towing company.

Granted, tow trucks last many years, some within the towing industry think the consumers should have to pay more for luxury items, this screw the public mentality is growing.

I believe TDLR should establish for "fuel surcharge" of a % of the tow charge, transport from one location to another location.

Towing companies today are faced with finding honest drivers and high operating costs, not to mention compete in an industry that financial kickbacks is commonplace.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Corruption within TDLR, Feds Ask to Investigate

Governor Perry should take a serious look at replacing Frank Denton, chairman of the Department of Licensing & Regulations. Perry must think he can continue have zero respect to citizens while in office. Just wait until the day arrives that will change his life forever like former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich experienced.

Perry really needs to replace everyone of the TDLR Commissioners as several of his appointees have been corrupted by the evil forces of organized crime.

It's insulting a state regulatory executive director allowed himself to be influenced, all while our citizens are robbed of their hard earned rent money by a licensed convicted felon. It's even more nuttier, thinking back how all this evolved.

I have full faith in the federal justice system.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

TTC Founder Calls for Ouster of TDLR Chairman & Exe Director

Pat Johnson, Founder, Texas Towing Compliance chastised Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Commissioners at the monthly meeting earlier this week, calling for heads roll with resignation of Fred Moses, Frank Denton, Lilian Norman-Keeney and Executive Director, gross misconduct.

I intend to make the Towing advisory board meeting on March 20th, the first one I ever attended, it will be interesting, I'm sure..

The public should file complaints online against any personal or business related grievances against any of their regulated trades.

TDLR has yet to reveal their investigation of several field investigators solicited bribes from licensees in the San Antonio area, this is another reason Kuntz should retire. Kuntz can be credited for allowing nepotism to exist over generations, reaching record numbers of health insurance claims.

I plan on addressing that advisory board for the first time on March 20th. This will be interesting event to attend, hope to have my local news media cover the public comment part..