Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Avoid Eagle Towing & Recovery due to Dishonesty & Stealing

The public should seriously look to calling someone else to tow your vehicle for any reason instead of calling Eagle Towing & Recovery, as this company has been stealing vehicles and charging fees greater than the maximum fees set by STATE LAW reference towing vehicles without the owner's or operator's consent.

Below is a receipt provided to a vehicle owner who caught one of Eagle's tow truck drivers still on the property and charged them $150, but STATE LAW states an on property drop fee can be no more than a $125, and only if the vehicle is ready to transport down the highway.

This company is so dishonest, they fail to provide the required information on the reciepts that are to be provided to the vehicle owner, such as the tow truck operator's TDLR license number, the name, address, phone number to person who authorized the drop fee or tow fee, the date and time the service was provided.

It’s important to remember,  less than 1% of the tow signs posted are legal signs in Georgetown, Killeen, Round Rock, Leander, Liberty Hill, Taylor, Hutto and the majority of Austin.  98% of the tows from private parking lots are done so in violation of state law that pays the vehicle owner, operator or lien holder $1000 plus three times what you pay to retrieve your vehicle, including the cost of repairs for damaged incurred while in possession of the vehicle storage facility.

There is only one towing company providing a legal tow sign to parking facilities, all the other tow companies think they are above the law by not replacing their illegal signs because the public is ignorant of the laws they must obey.

Only Legally Worded/Formatted Tow Sign for Texas
Only Legally Worded/Formatted Tow Sign for Texas

Towing Companies below with their illegal outdated tow signs that will pay you $1000 plus treble damages regardless the reason towed from private parking lots:

T.I.P Tow
Centex Towing,
Wiley’s Towing
A Excellence
Cedar Park Wrecker Service
J&J Towing
Reliant Towing
Park Right
Alberts Towing
Southside Wrecker
Austin Express
Tow Times
Republic Parking Management (booting)
Clark Towing
Central Towing
Action Towing & Recovery
Southwest Towing

Under no circumstance should you ever pay a tow truck driver a drop fee or allow them to tow your vehicle if still on property if an illegal tow sign is posted.  Use the same force you would use to protect your home from an intruder, as your vehicle is your property and you have the right to protect it from theft.

For more information, subscribe to Texas Towing Compliance and educate yourself as other have,  who exercised their protected rights to be awarded $$$ due to an illegally worded tow sign.

If you have been towed from a parking lot with any of  the tow signs shown below since 9-1-13 and have the photograph of the tow sign, you will COLLECT.

Always a take photograph of the tow sign with the cellphone when you discover your vehicle has been towed, prior to going to the storage lot.

DSCF3166 DSCF3165 DSCF3164 DSCF3163 DSCF3162 DSCF3161towing_sign Sundance_Illegal_Towing_Sign IM000500.JPG Special OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PRS_Illegal_Sign_8.2011
J_J_Permit J_J IM002649 Im001742 illegalsignaustin
Councilmember_Martinez_Victimized_Towing Central_Illegal_Sign Central_1
APD Tow Contractor Southside Wrecker & Capitol Metro management scam Austin’s workforce towing their vehicles with illegal tow signs posted, Another reason not to vote for Mike Martinez in upcoming Mayoral race in Austin


Friday, May 2, 2014

Pro Tow Wrecker Service Damages Transmission of Impounded Vehicle

Pro Tow Wrecker Service of Lewisville, Texas yesterday damaged the transmission of a commercial vehicle one their tow truck operators towed from a business in Denton, Texas. 

The vehicle’s owner, a business located at where the vehicle was towed, from directly in front of their loading dock was stunned when his truck would not move when he placed it in drive.

The entire ordeal with Pro Tow is one no vehicle owner should have to deal with. At Pro Tow’s vehicle storage facility, they did not have the paperwork for the vehicle, nor did Pro Tow notified the Denton Police Department the vehicle had been towed.  The Denton Police Department confirmed the vehicle was never reported as required by State Law to them.

Then comes an argument about the damage done to their company vehicle, which Pro Tow denied, but the delivery truck was running perfectly before it was towed. After six hours of frustration dealing with Pro Tow, the tow victim called Denton Police again and requested an officer to come to the storage lot.

Once the officer arrived, he and vehicle owner crawled under the truck and observed the shifter rod had been tampered with, as the truck was towed in gear from where it was parked in front their business to the storage lot ten miles away.

The Denton Police Officer gave the business owner an offense report for vehicle damage caused by Pro Tow and documented the impounded vehicle was never reported to law enforcement.

It is recommended that the public and businesses do not call Pro Tow Wrecker Service for any towing due to fact they destroyed a transmission to vehicle they towed without probable cause and continue to tow vehicles in violation of State Law from private parking lots.

Pro Tow Wrecker Service basically stole the vehicle and soon they will have to answer before a Judge for a statutory violation lawsuit and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for failing to report the vehicle to law enforcement within two hours, not to mention towing the vehicle illegally.

Subscribing to Texas Towing Compliance has it's benefits for vehicle owners, trucking companies and parking facilities, Join today.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

DFW Area Property Management Companies Cancel Tow Contracts With United Tow LLC due Liability Risk

Several large property management companies have canceled their towing agreements with United Tow LLC.

Several management companies have canceled the tow contracts for many of their apartment complexes and told United to remove their signs and stay off their properties. All of these management companies said they will not tow any vehicles period, as they have lost to many residents due to illegal towing and residents complaining of the rudeness of their drivers demanding unauthorized drop fees.

More parking facilities are dropping United and several other tow companies after being misled and outright lied to.

The public is advised to take a photograph of the towing sign posted at the parking lot their vehicle was towed from to protect the evidence, as they are crime victims, because if your towed with an illegal sign posted, the Courts will award you $1000 plus triple the tow bill.

Several police departments are arresting tow truck drivers and charging them with Felony Theft, dollar value of the vehicle, when towed without probable cause. An illegal tow sign is grounds for this charge.

Always attempt to file criminal charges against the parking facility owner or manager and the tow truck drive with law enforcement agency where you vehicle was towed from.  Don't be alarm when if a police officer or police department tells you it's a civil issue, as this is a sign that agency or officer or deputy needs additional training.

Law enforcement is learning and it's slow process to get them educated, but we have faith it will happen, as TDLR is doing outreach to law enforcement to educate them with the help of the San Antonio Police Department's Vehicle Crimes Unit and the Nacogdoches Police Department.

Until that happens, prepare your case, get all the evidence, recorded conversations with the property manager and maintenance man at residential housing complexes.

After gathering all the evidence, contact Texas Towing Compliance at 512-680-3190 for further guidance.