Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Could Happen in Your City

Assured Towing given reduced fine of $5500 for overcharging vehicle owners in parking lots in San Antonio metro area. The system is totally broke when TDLR Commissioners approve to reduce the fine of $11,000 to $5500, while vehicle owners, the victims got zero, even after filing the complaint. The San Antonio Police Chief's desire to allow criminal actions by wrecker drivers against the citizens of San Antonio, the many thousand of tourists to continue unabated is insulting. To allow convicted felons to steal people's vehicles from in front of their apartment, claiming no parking permit, that the property manager affixed to the windshield, after peeling off.

Assured is not the only towing evil in San Antonio, Danny's Road Service who joined forces with John Deloach, said the be retired owner, which incidentally, I trained to boot vehicles at the Denny's across from the Riverwalk, you eventually bought the towing company, Johnny Bates Wrecker Service, which I managed.

But the main issue with what is occupying in San Antonio is the complete lawlessness. Why are the San Antonio police officers being told not arrest wrecker drivers for taking vehicles without probable cause or threatening someone over a fee they are not entitled too?

Assured moved into the San Antonio after their operations was and still is under close watch, with ongoing criminal investigations by law enforcement.

For law enforcement in Bexar County as whole, to allow a wrecker driver or towing company owner/employee to knowingly violate State Law that subject to arrest is total obscured.

In my opinion, the quickest way to put a dent in the financial nightmares caused by dishonest private property impound towing companies, is for the San Antonio City Council adopt the TDLR tow fee study recommendation of $125 towing fee, no on site fee, like the $180 Assured drivers were caught and still are charging drivers.

They do it because SAPD won't do anything, Chief McManus reassigned the detectives at the 9th Street Wrecker Unit office, just as Assured was moving into San Antonio with their buddy personal injury lawyer friends whom are principles in Assured.

What a great opportunity, these guys were thinking, being connected within the bexar county legal system, it's working so, only because campaign donations rank higher than Justice..

Pat Johnson
Texas Towing Compliance