Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bexar County JP Courts Disobey State Law

I was told today by a vehicle owner, who attempted to file a request for a probable cause tow hearing in Justice of the Peace Precinct 2. The Court clerk refused to accept the filing based on the Court's lack of knowledge, that as of this past September 1, 2009, the jurisdiction to where the hearing is held in the precinct to where the vehicle was towed from. (HB2571)

It's shame that Bexar County JPs think they are above the law, especially laws aimed to protect consumers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Federal Law Enforcement Officer Victim of Illegal Towing in Beamount, Texas


A federal law enforcement officer whom was granted permission to park his vehicle at an Exxon Service Station in Beaumont, Texas, was ripped off by a wrecker driver for Spanky's Wrecker Service This victim called me through my website inquiring about what action he should take, cause everyone he talked to would'nt help him.

This morning I contacted Don Bracker with the Beaumont Police Department seeking some assistance in the matter, for the victim. After meeting the victim to show where he parked his vehicle, talked with the service station management and the towing company, it was determined, yes his vehicle was wrongfully towed.

George Stanley, the owner of Spanky's rightfully refunded the guy's money back for this unlawful tow.

Again, a towing company taking advantage of consumers and a parking facility caught in a lie when questioned by the Police.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Antonio Towing Scam Leaves Consumers Steaming

Earlier today, I was interviewed by KENS TV regarding an incident where Assured Towing SA Inc towed numerous vehicles that were parked (shown above) on a public street (8000 Meadow Leaf Avenue) and right of way. State Law is clear regarding the towing of vehicles without the vehicle owner/operator consent from public roadway without authorization of law enforcement.

San Antonio is like a lot cities across Texas that it's law enforcement refuses to allow someone to file an offense report for a wrongful tow, which after this past September 1st carries the same criminal penalty as a DWI, a class B misdemeanor.

This stance by the San Antonio Police Department that non-consent towing is a civil matter shows their backwoods attitude, which questionable towing companies rape their citizens and tourist on a daily basis.

I found the news story by KENS TV to be questionable,as the reporter didn't confirm from the San Antonio Police Department if they actually approved the towing of all of the vehicles from the street. Furthermore, the owner of the Mexican restaurant told the reporter that Assured posted the towing signs at no cost to her, a direct violation of State Law.

I doubt we have seen the last of this issue, because the San Antonio Vehicle Crimes Unit hasn't completed their investigation into the matter.

All of the victims I spoke with today were encouraged to file complaints against Assured Towing SA Inc with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations for obvious violations of the very rules and regulation they like every towing company and vehicle storage facility must obey.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Austin Towing Association & Southwest Tow Operators Member Indicted by Travis County Grand Jury

Just as I expected, the Travis County Grand Jury true billed Don Lee Creamer, the owner of Central Towing of Austin, Texas for his involvement in the towing scam last year, during the SXSW Music Festival. Creamer has a long history in the private property towing business, dating back to the early 80's, so his criminal conduct has landed him right where he belongs, under the supervision of the Court.

Creamer is scheduled to appear before Judge Lynch next week, February 17, 2009.

Creamer's company, 4th name change, Central Towing Inc are members of the Austin Towing Association and the Southwest Tow Operators

Central Towing has appeared in several news stories in the Austin area for scamming motorists and Creamer's wife was caught ripping off the State Comptroller for sales tax monies they pocketed.

So one has to wonder, why any business owner would use a towing company that disobeys State Law and pays it's employees cash under the table to avoid federal withholding and employment taxes.

The public is encouraged to obtain a copy of the indictment, the case number is D1-DC-09-301068.