Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Predatory Bexar Towing of San Antonio Loses SOAH Appeal, Now Comes $87,000 Fine

What a deal: John Deloach aka Bexar Towing of San Antonio who has terrorized the citizens, members of the military and hundreds of tourists for years, has lost his appeal before the State Office of Administrative Hearings. This means the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will attempt to convince it's Perry appointed commissioners to force Deloach to pay a fine of $87K plus reimburse everyone who was overcharge the tow fee regulated by city ordinance at the time, to the tune of $10K+ bringing the total to $98,000.00.

After the TDLR Commissioners decide on the fine to be issued based on SOAH, Bexar will have one last appeal, which everyone within the San Antonio Police Department expect them to exercise that right.

This should send a strong message that ripping off motorists to other tow companies that you will be held responsible for your actions!

State Office of Administrative Hearings
Cathleen Parsley
Chief Administrative Law Judge
February 19, 2014

William H. Kuntz VIA FACSIMILE NO. 1512) 475-2874
Executive Director
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
920 Colorado, 4'“ Floor
Austin, TX 78701

RE: Docket N0. 452e13e3415.TOW; Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. John Deloach Enterprises, Inc., dba Bexar Towing f/k/a Roadside Recovery Specialist, Inc.; (TDLR No. TOW20120019127)

Dear Mr. Kuntz:

A proposal for decision (PFD) was issued in the above-referenced case on October 28, 2013. When it was discovered that the PFD was sent only to Respondent and not to Respondents counsel, it was sent to counsel on December 20, 2013. Exceptions were due in this case on January 15, 2014.

Respondent timely filed an exception to the PFD, and Staff responded to it. Because Administrative Law Judge Steven Arnold, who presided over this case and issued the PFD, has been out of the office on medical leave, I have reviewed the PFD, the exception and Staff's response.

Respondent’s exception concerns an issue that was raised at the hearing and addressed byJudge Arnold in the PFD: that the City of San Antonio had adopted and enforced ordinances that are not in compliance with the Texas Towing and Booting Act, Tex. Occ, Code § 2308.208

As noted by Judge Arnold, neither the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation nor the State Office of Administrative Hearings has authority to review the lawfulness of a city ordinance. Moreover, the lawfulness of that ordinance is not an issue in this case.

Judge Arnold found that Respondent charged a tow fee that exceeded the amount set forth in the City of San Antonio’s ordinance.

Regardless of whether the City of San Antonio’s fee was lawful, it is clear from the evidence that Respondent violated the Department’s prohibition against charging more than allowed by the relevant city ordinance, thereby violating § 2308.2065(a)(2) of the Act.

Staff correctly observes that Respondent‘ challenge to the San Antonio ordinance must be brought before the judicial branch.

On behalf of Judge Arnold, I do not believe it is appropriate to modify or amend the PFD or to re-open the hearing for further evidence. Accordingly, the PFD is ready for action by the Commission.

Austin Police Department Implements Zero Tolerance for Illegal Towing & Drop Fees

It has finally happened after a series of emails to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo and City Council members detailing the corruption that has existed within the wrecker enforcement unit chain of command regarding private property towing.

I have been informed by high ranking members of the Police Department that the Chief of Police has ordered "zero tolerance" for illegal parking violations on public or private parking lots and any violations of the Texas Towing Law and the current outdated city ordinance.

What this means is, tow companies, their drivers, vehicle storage facilities, their employees and parking facilities will no longer be allowed to abuse the citizens and many thousand of tourists with violating the law without impunity. 

So those tow truck operators who have been making questionable tows, stashing impounds, speeding on our roadway with vehicles in tow without safety chains, charging illegal drop fees, refusing to allow someone to pay a drop fee, soliciting bribes to parking facilities, installing tow signs, providing kickbacks to property managers, bribing police officers and using spotters who are employees of the tow company, your days of taking advantage of people, are over!

You will be caught and the penalty will be severe, that includes being arrested.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Insane Move by TDLR: Issue VSF Employee License to Austin Man Who Cannot Read or Write

I've heard of many misguided issues regarding TDLR, towing companies and vehicle storage facilities, but the most recent revelation involves the issuance of a Vehicle Storage Facility Employee License to an Austin man who cannot read or write.

Just how this individual passed the written test not having the ability to write or understand the curriculum required to take the test not being able to read is serious issue.

A vehicle storage facility employee must be able to verify the documents presented by a vehicle owner which requires one to be able read, not to mention, they must verify the VIN of the vehicle that is accepted for storage at the Vehicle Storage Facility.

This makes many wonder who is responsible for verifying an individual actually took the test, attended the class instruction and who allowed this to happen.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

TDLR Denies License Renewal Tow Truck Operator for Killing Citizen

A tow truck operator from Houston is seeking to have his Incident Management Tow Truck Operator License (Number 10724) renewed, but TDLR wants to deny the renewal.


In March, 2008 Jose F Santiago was convicted of the offense of Violation of Protective Order, a misdemeanor, and sentenced to 120 days confinement in the Harris County Jail.

In March, 2008, in a separate action, Santiago was once again of the offense of Violation of Protective Order, a misdemeanor, and sentenced to 120 days confinement in the Harris County Jail.

In July, 2013, Santiago pled no contest to the offense of Criminal Negligent Homicide, a felony and placed on deferred adjudication and placed on 5 years probation.  This case was based on Santiago while operating a tow truck, cut across a parking lot to avoid traffic congestion on the roadway by a school.  Evidence at the trial shows Santiago driving at a speed faster than what would have been safe for a parking lot.

Santiago did not stop before crossing the sidewalk upon reentering the street, and when drove across the sidewalk, the tow truck ran over a woman who had been walking there. The woman died as a result of her injuries.

The tow company that Santiago works for is a member of the Southwest Tow Operators.

This incident just shows the criminal behavior of some tow truck operators who place the public at risk of death and should have his TDLR license renewal denied!

This is a prime example of why TDLR should not be issuing Occupation Licenses to criminals.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spotters - An illegal practice by towing companies that pays $$$

The Texas Towing Law, Occupations Code 2308.401 states a parking facility may not accept anything of value from the towing company.

It's not uncommon for a towing company to place a spotter in a parking lot with the sole purpose of identifying vehicle owners or operators who leave the parking facility they park to be towed.  This practice is nothing new, although it's illegal, many still do it.

Should you notice someone doing this and your vehicle is towed based on a spotter's observation, your in luck to collect a $1000 plus triple damages and your attorney's fee in a statutory violation lawsuit against the parking facility, if the spotter is sitting or standing within the parking facility.

Most spotters are paid a commission for each vehicle they have towed, meaning, the parking facility is receiving something of value, as very few if any spotters do this for free.

So, if your vehicle is towed and the towing company claims a spotter called to have your vehicle towed, without hesitation, take that person's picture with your cellphone and contact the Texas Towing Compliance Legal Team, who will represent you with no upfront legal fees, so you can collect the money your entitled to by State Law.

Lienholders Can Recover Towing/Storage Fees for their Vehicles Retrieved from Storage Facilities

Banks and finance companies can now recover those godly towing and storage fees of their vehicles when a vehicle owner fails to pay for their vehicles when towed from private property.

This is a win win situation for lienholders to recoup the fees they have to pay to recover their vehicles they have financed.

Therefore, if you are finance company or bank and want to strike back at predatory towing practices by towing companies who charge high fees, the Texas Towing Compliance Legal Teams want to help you achieve this task.

So, regardless what you pay to get your financed vehicle out of the pound, you are entitled to $1000 plus triple damages in addition to your attorneys fees by filing a statutory violation lawsuit against the towing company and parking facility.

Ford Motor Credit recently won a judgment reference three financed vehicles of theirs for $17,378.00 towed during the early morning hours from an apartment complex in Allen, Texas.

To learn more, please contact Texas Towing Compliance at 512-680-3190 to get be put in contact with their legal teams.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service Continues to "Steal" Vehicles of Texas A&M and Blinn College Students

Everyone that has been towed by this company is encouraged and urged to contact the Texas Towing Compliance Legal Team at 512-236-1114 so you can be paid $1800 by the parking facility that authorized the towing of your vehicle.

This is an excellent opportunity for college students as there are no upfront fees, period!

23 college students have retain these attorneys in Austin who will drive to Bryan and prosecute these parking facilities for accepting bribes, posting illegally worded or layout towing signs, towing vehicles from illegally marked restricted and designated parking spaces, among other issues.

It's best to take a stand, as the College Station Police Department is not going to do anything to help you, but we WILL!

Do not file a tow hearing, if you do, only file in JP Vera Hooge's court in Bryan as the other JPs go along to get along with area tow companies.. Judge Hooge was provided a photo of all of the towing signs provided to parking facilities, including the reason the signs are illegal.  So, you can rest assured if you file your tow hearing in her Court, which the law allows, you most likely will win your case.

And, by all means, please file a complaint against the towing company for towing your vehicle with noncompliant towing signs posted and the vehicle storage facility for their verbal abuse towards vehicle owners and operators while trying to pickup of their vehicle after being stolen.

It's important to remember, there are no legal towing signs posted anywhere in Bryan or College Station, read this article to understand.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Emo's Austin Patrons Targeted in Towing Scam, Your Refund is Awaiting You!

Everyone that has been towed from parking lots surrounding EMO's in Southeast Austin is due refunds.  If you have been towed from the Long John Silvers, the Riverside Liquor Store, the Walgreen's and the parking lot directly across the street that the Autozone and Cici's Pizza is located, your entitled to a huge payout.

This is extremely important if you have been towed from those areas within the last two years and still have the receipts from when you paid out your vehicle at J&J Towing, Park Right Solutions, Reliant Towing or Austin Express Wrecker Service.

Without going into more detail, if you were victimized by these predatory towing companies, you are urged to contact the Texas Towing Compliance Legal Team at 512-236-1114.  Our legal team will take your case on contingency, meaning you pay no upfront legal fees.

To give you some idea of what you can expect to recover, if you paid $193.30, you will receive $1600, what a deal!

Should request further information regarding this ongoing towing scam in Austin, please call 512-680-3190.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Statutory Violation & Theft Liability Lawsuits - No Upfront Attorney Fees -

Anybody that has been towed or charged a drop fee, from a public or private parking lot, 2014 will be your year to collect more than your vehicle is worth.

SXSW is going on right now in Austin, as are many sporting events, predatory tow companies, J&J Towing, Reliant, Park Right, Austin Express, A&A, Albert's, Customz, and Southside Wrecker are targeting your vehicle.

Statutory Violation Lawsuit

Texas State Law allows a vehicle owner or operator or lienholder to recover triple damages (towing and storage charges, cost of repairs caused during towing/storage) plus $1000.00 and attorney fees.  
It's recommended to have an attorney to represent you during these proceedings. The maximum dollar amount that can be recovered in Justice Court is $10,000.00. In District Court where most the "statutory violation lawsuits" are filed, the maximum dollar amount is over $10,000 in civil fines paid to you.

Your not required to have an attorney, but I recommend it.

Should the parking facility refuse to pay a court ordered judgement, a writ of execution will be obtained through the Court after paying the appropriate fee which is added to the judgement which will include interest and the total judgment will be collected by the Constable for you and your attorney.  In several instances, when the Constable is sent to collect the money or seize property, businesses are shutdown until payment is made in full.

These civil proceedings may take awhile to complete, but, it will be well worth the wait considering the damages you will collect without having to pay upfront attorney and filing fees.

You should always question the towing of your vehicle when towed without your consent from private property.  Immediately after being towed, use your cellphone to take up close photos of the red and white towing signs, where they are posted, designated parking spaces to make sure the space identifier is both the front and rear of the parking space.  IF your vehicle is towed for an expired inspection or registration sticker and you did not receive a certified letter from the apartment complex, but did from the towing company, your in luck to cash in for a $1000 plus triple damages and your attorney fees.

Be sure to read this article so you can better understand how you were scammed by the tow company and property owner.

If you have been towed by anyone within the last two years, please contact our team at 512-236-1114 or use your cellphone to take pictures of the signs posted, the all the paperwork, to

For more information, contact or call 512-580-3190...

Friday, February 14, 2014

ANYTIME TOWING & RECOVERY's Scamming of Pharr Residents Slammed with $14,800 Fine by TDLR

As I tell everyone who calls the 24 Towing Hotline about the importance of reporting tow companies and vehicle storage facilities to TDLR for their behavior, the proof of  what happens when TDLR gets enough complaints, is a $14,800 fine.

Anytime Towing & Recovery has been screwing the citizens and many motorists that travel through Pharr, Texas for several years.  Well TDLR slammed them with a huge fine for the following:

Respondent failed to have a vehicle available for release 24 hours a day when the facility accepted vehicles 24 hours a day; Respondent failed to clearly note the time of receipt of a call requesting release; Respondent failed to accept payment by electronic check, debit, card, or credit card; Respondent charged an additional fee for storage which is not authorized by law; Respondent failed to store records at the principal office; Respondent failed to notify consumer and service recipients of all required Department information; Respondent charged a notification fee when the vehicle was removed within 24 hours or before the notification was sent; Respondent charged a storage fee for more than one day when the vehicle remained at the facility for less than 12 hours; Respondent failed to have the person requesting release separately initial the notation.

As I always encourage, please keep filing complaints against tow companies, tow truck operators, vehicle storage facilities and vehicle storage facility employees with TDLR by filing a complaint online, so they can be held responsible for committing violations of State Law.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Texas Apartment Association Members On Notice - Quit Taking Kickbacks or Expect to Pay

To all apartment complexes in Texas who are members of the Texas Apartment Association thru their local association and parking facilities that tow vehicles:

Take notice, if a property manager or owner accepts anything of value from their towing company, expect to pay in excess of $12,000 minimum for every vehicle towed from their property, regardless the reason the vehicle is towed. ($10K attorney fees, $2K damages)

For 20 years, many property managers have accepted something of value from their towing company for the right to tow vehicles without the owner or operator's consent.  If you accept anything, rather it be food, parking permits, additional signage than what is required by State Law, luncheons for property staff, red warning stickers, allow the towing company to send the certified letter for expired stickers, sign a towing contract with a hold harmless clause, or allow the towing company to place orange warning stickers on the vehicles, you best have a good attorney, as tow victims with attorneys are now going directly after whoever authorized the tow, in form of a "statutory violation lawsuit", to which entitles attorney fees.

In recent lawsuit in Dallas, a Judge awarded a tow victim $12,307.39, of this amount, $10,000 was attorney fees for the tow victim plus $1000 plus triple what your tow company charged the vehicle owner.  In Houston last month, a property management company was slammed with a $21,739.10 Judgement because the towing company installed the towing signs.  There were 3 tow victims in this case, all towed for expired stickers, without the 10 day certified letter being sent by the apartment complex, not the towing company.

Every apartment association in Texas has a Code of Ethics, it's time members start obeying them as your chances of winning a statutory violation lawsuit is extremely slim, considering the number of violations found within the parking facility and the growing number of attorneys signing up to be part of Texas Towing Compliance's Legal Teams positioned around the state.

It's way cheaper just to obey the law and refuse anything of value from your towing company.

Case in point: A wrecker driver in San Antonio charged a vehicle owner an unauthorized drop fee while still on the property, the property management company left court with a judgment against them for $1699.75 due to the actions of their towing company.

Also, two property managers were arrested in Court in the DFW area recently after being found guilty the second time, which is an arrestable offense, a Class B misdemeanor because of illegal towing.

So, is it really worth your staff going to jail behind criminal behavior involving illegal towing or being hit with a judgment of $12,000 all because you chose to take the advice of your towing company, instead of just obeying the law?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Call to Tow Hotline Increase Today - Many Victims of Predatory Towing

Tow victim complaints have been steady this morning, predatory towing is alive and well in Texas.  From the DFW region, Excalibur leads with 6 complaints, three referred for prosecution; Texas Impound Services is no ambassador for the citizens of Denton, as this owner thinks he is above law having his tow hearings in Corrupt JP Holland's Court. They are responsible for 4 complaints, all referred to TDLR for Integrity violations due to licensee's behavior with vehicle owners.  Same story with Texas Impound Services, not one of his accounts have prevailed in a statutory violation lawsuit when vehicles are towed for expired tags.

Southwest Auto Tow generated a total of 17 complaints since Saturday, all were referred to TDLR and for prosecution by Texas Towing Compliance's legal team, against the parking facility the vehicles were authorized to be towed from.

In Austin and San Antonio, the last quarter of 2013 was not a good one for several towing companies and 2014 looks worse for predatory towing, especially for those parking facilities that have accepted bribes solicited by their towing company representative.  Reliant, A&A, Austin Express, J&J, Alberts, Customz, Atlas, Bexar and Park Right have been losing tow cases, many have unpaid judgements against them.

The motoring public is encouraged to question the towing of your vehicle from private property if you were forced to pay the tow company's extortion to get it back.

Texas Towing Compliance now has a legal team of attorneys that cover the entire state, as more have shown an interest to represent tow victims in their communities.  All of our attorneys will take the statutory violation lawsuit with a valid case on contingency. This should open the door for the minorities who have for years been targeted by predatory towing companies, to get their money back many times over, knowing they don't have to pay upfront attorney fees.  If you have been towed within the last two years, money is waiting for you!

The key to recovery involving a private property impound is to file a "statutory violation lawsuit" against the parking facility.  It is advised not to include the towing company in this type of lawsuit, as the parking facility is required to obey the towing law prior to vehicles being towed.

It's during this early stage of contract negotiations between the tow company representative and property manager, property supervisor or property owner that criminal conduct will occur.  It's used to be 25 years ago, a property manager would never even given it a thought to accept something of value from a towing company.

When and if a property manager, supervisor or owner enters into a contractual agreement with a towing company that includes "anything" other than providing the tow sign with instructions on where to post it and the removal of an unauthorized or illegally parked vehicle, they have committed a statutory violation the moment the first vehicle is towed, regardless the reason.

This statutory violation, Occupations Code 2308.401, will bring smiles to vehicle owners, their operators and lien holders in 2014, as the Courts are showing signs of improvement in upholding the towing law as written and handing down high dollar judgments against parking facilities, based on the outcomes of tow related causes of action since October 2013.

There are still bad Judges out there the public needs to be aware of, be sure to check those campaign finance reports for the Judge your thinking about filing your case in.  There is no filing deadline for a statutory violation lawsuit, as with the 14 day deadline with the tow hearing.

“The most important component of an effective justice system is the public’s ability to trust those who are responsible for enforcing the law. But even when there is a breach of that trust, as in many tow hearing cases, the public should take some comfort in knowing that there is a mechanism for detecting, rooting out, and punishing those who would corrupt the process."

Southwest Auto Tow of Dallas Fined $1000 by TDLR

Those guys over at Southwest Auto Tow maintain the Dan Messina reputation of scamming motorists for their vehicles, as they were fined $1000 by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, after a complaint was filed via Texas Towing Compliance.

According to the TDLR Final Orders database:

Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking facility that did not have the required signage prohibiting unauthorized vehicles

The motoring public is becoming better familiarized with the regulations these tow companies and parking facilities must obey before having their vehicles towed.

Keep filing complaints with TDLR if you towed by this company for their lack of better judgment.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BLACK BULL TOWING LLC Fined $8300 for Illegal Business Practices

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations has issued a fine in the amount of $8300 to Black Bull Towing LLC of Dallas, Texas. Among the issues Black Bull was fined for:

Respondent failed to report they had received a vehicle for storage to law enforcement within two hours; Respondent removed and stored an unauthorized vehicle other than when allowed by law; Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking facility that did not have the required signage; Respondent charged a notification fee and there was no evidence a notification letter was mailed; Respondent directly gave something of value to a parking facility owner in order to remove vehicles from the area.

Tow victims of Black Bull Towing are encouraged to contact the Texas Towing Compliance Legal Teams to recover the $1000 plus triple what you paid to retrieve your vehicle, as many tow victims have won huge payouts because of Black Bull's deceptive trade practices.

Your money is awaiting to be claimed if towed by Black Bull regardless the reason you were towed, so don't wait any longer...

By all means, keep filing complaints with TDLR when towed by Black Bull Towing!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tow Victim Overcharged in San Antonio Awarded $1699.75 by Court

In a clear victory for tow victims overcharged a drop fee or towing fee, Bexar County JP Robert Vasquez issued a stunning ruling against Texas Parking Enforcement, Inc and ordered them to pay $1699.75 for overcharging the San Antonio City Ordinance regulated $85.00.

The owner of Texas Parking Enforcement, Ron Bruner is retired from the San Antonio Police Department and the Judge's ruling proves nobody regardless of who they were or are today are above the law in his Court with regards to private property towing issues.

Property managers best be aware, your business relationship with your towing company and the actions of your towing company's drivers will having you paying out high dollar judgments for committing statutory violations of the towing law.

Those property managers who have chosen to engage in criminal conduct at the expense of their residents, tenants and customers, your day in Court will happen soon enough.  Any property owner or their agent that signs any agreement to tow vehicles that includes a hold harmless clause, you have broken the law by accepting something of value.  You will be responsible for appearing in court, giving a deposition, legal fees to represent your property owner and or management company, all because you chose to accept something of value from your towing company.

Everyone overcharged that the old San Antonio tow or drop fee of $85 before it was changed to the current fee is encouraged to contact our San Antonio legal team by calling 512-928-9999 to get signed up so you can collect your money you never imaged getting back with no upfront legal fees.  Our legal teams will take all statutory violation lawsuits on a contingency basis.

This strategy of filing a lawsuit against the accounts of these predatory towing companies instead of going after the towing company, is when the trial is before a jury or an honest Judge, 9 out 10 property managers and their employs admit their towing company provided something of value, then admit to much more, that leads to guilty verdicts on multiple counts.  Even better, a few Judges, one in Dallas County and the other in Collin County, have ordered property managers be taken into custody in the courtroom, after being found guilty the second time, since it's an arrestable Class B Misdemeanor.

75% of Private Property Impounds in DFW area Illegal Due to Kickbacks

For anyone towed from a private parking lot in the DFW region, there is the likelihood your vehicle was towed in violation of state law.  Most towing companies know the general public is totally unaware of all the remedies to recover the money they extorted from them.  That lack of awareness is changing as more and more property managers are being found guilty for committing violations of the texas towing law.

There are still problems with Judges who suffer from the "black robe disease" who repeatedly issue rulings based on not what the law states, rather the size of the campaign donation.  We know this because of the increase in complaints against Judges who preside over private property towing related matters, with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Law enforcement around the DFW area are still lagging on their responsibilities mandated by State Law regarding their enforcement duties, by siding with wrecker drivers without reviewing all the facts based on what State Law rather than personal opinion.

Therefore, if your vehicle was towed between January 1, 2012 until now, a vehicle owner, operator or lien holder can recover the money paid to get their vehicles released by filing a "statutory violation lawsuit" against the parking facility owner, property management company or authorized agent to collect $1000 plus triple what your paid, plus the cost of repairs for damaged caused by the removal and storage of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, it's advised to have specialized tow law attorney to get this money your due, but we have legal teams in Arlington, Austin, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley that will take your case on contingency, some may charge a small fee, but the end results will be 5 times greater than what you paid.

Arlington legal team can be reached at 817-704-3984 or email.

Austin legal team can be reached at 512-236-1114 or email.

San Antonio legal team can be reached at 210-928-9999.

We guarantee a quicker return of your money than TDLR does...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Illegal Towing Continues Across Brazos County Unabated

Tribble & Son Wrecker Service located in Bryan, Texas continues without hesitation to tow vehicles from private parking lots without proper signage. To date, we have forwarded 17 valid complaints from tow victims to TDLR because Tribble has made no effort to provide legally worded tow signs.

Everyone towed by Tribble & Son is encouraged to contact our legal team in Austin at 512-236-1114, who will represent everyone on a contingency basis, as there is little chance of losing when the "statutory violation lawsuit" is filed against the parking facility that has Tribble's illegal towing signs posted.

It's very important that anyone towed by Tribble & Son file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, so their license can be revoked since Tribble is on two years probation.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Low Income Residents Targeted by J&J Towing & Property Manager for Greed

Any and everyone that has been towed from the Country Club Creek Apartments located at 4501 East Riverside Drive, Austin, Texas within the last two years, is owed money! $1600 min

The property manager at this property has been recorded acknowledging that J&J Towing installed all the towing signs, the signs under the carports and places the orange warning stickers on vehicles with expired inspection or registration stickers at no cost.

Everyone towed is encouraged to contact our legal team in Austin at 512-236-1114 so you can be part of the crowd to be paid in excess of $1600, payable by the property management company.

It's not uncommon for a property manager to receive "kickbacks" from their towing company, not all towing companies give kickbacks, as they operate in accordance to State Law, something J&J is incapable of.

If you have been towed or charged a drop fee at this property and still have the receipts, please call 311 to file an offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation, then go online to TDLR to file a complaint against the tow company for providing something of value in connection with the removal of your vehicle.