Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Southside Wrecker Inc Delay Notification Letter Scam with the City of Austin taking advantage of the Public


The Austin Police Department's Towing Contractor, Southside Wrecker is burning the citizens of Central Texas in a major way. It has been learned, based on documents provided by USPS and Southside Wrecker given to the City Auditor investigators, APD's towing contractor is electronically mailing the notification letters from a post office in Little Rock, Arkansas, instead the post office in Austin.

Based on the USPS local postmaster (the method used by Southside and other towing companies, who are all members of the Southwest Tow Operators ) it takes 9 -10 days for a registered letter to reach an Austin address from Little Rock, Arkansas.

According to the postmaster, when the same registered letter is mailed in person to or electronically at the Cross Park Post Office in Austin, it takes 2 days to reach an Austin address.

The sole purpose of using an out of state Post Office, is so storage related charges will greatly inflate the tow and storage charges bill before the vehicle owner or lienholder finds out, knows where the vehicle is. 

After nine days in storage, what would have released on the 2nd day with the notification letter for: $264.35 goes to $435.95 if paid out at 10 days.

Lienholders and Vehicle Owners are really pissed that Bobby New, the president of Southside Wrecker Inc would stoop this low in order to run up costs, by delaying the process to notify them where their vehicles are. Your dad "Luther" would never do what you have been doing to citizens of Austin.

Pure scam targeting Austinites, businesses, college students, their parents, insurance companies, lienholders, Velocity Credit Union members and thousands of vehicle owners who's vehicle were stored after being towed by the Austin Police Department and Reliant Towing.

According to TDLR, a vehicle storage facility cannot charge the $50 notification fee if sent electronically, as no labor is involved, as delivered in person at the post office.

The public is asked to write the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to request a rule change in the Vehicle Storage Facility program, that requires the notification letter electronically, doing must be within the county the storage facility is located in.  

Also email the Austin City Council members about this scam to gouge motorists that benefits the city of austin general fund since three sitting council members accepted cash contributions to their campaigns that led to the towing contract being approved by ordinance.