Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Texas Towing & Storage Advisory Board Member Violating Vehicle Storage Facility Act

Now, another TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations) Advisory Board Member, Joann Messina has been found to be violating the very rules and regulations they advise the very agency that regulates them. In the latest incident, which appears to be standard practice for her unscrupulous business, is not providing the name of the person, their address, city, state, zip code and phone number of the person who authorized the removal of a nonconsent tow. Messina like Milstead-Ellzey and other unscrupulous towing company operators who prey on Texans, should be ashamed of themselves.

By looking at the receipt provided to the consumer, being the victim in this case, Messina's company failed to provide the full printed name of the tow truck operator, his/her TDLR license number and the name of the "person" who authorized the tow, both violations of State Law.

Messina and other towing companies do anything to shield who authorized the removal by providing the name of the parking facility, instead of the required full name of the person. Without this information, completing the written request for a tow hearing is often filed incomplete. The majority of towing companies in Texas operate a very legitimate business, but towing companies like Southwest Auto Tow, Milstead, Central, Assured, A&A, Ideal and many others operate knowing they violate State law daily.

Messina should resign from this advisory board with her cohort Amy Milstead, neither follow State Law and victimize the public on a daily basis. Hopefully HB2571 and SB1431 is signed into the law by the Governor, so people like these two can be arrested for their continued criminal conduct!