Wednesday, March 17, 2010

State of Texas Updates Texas Towing Law Online

The State of Texas has updated their server to include the newest version of the Texas Towing Law, Occupation Code Chapter 2308.251 - 2308.407.

There is no reason why any law enforcement agency can give the excuse that it's a civil matter when it states in black and white in Occupation Code 2308.405, it's a Class B Misdemeanor.

Law enforcement agencies across the state of Texas need to educate themselves to address the continued criminal conduct by towing companies, wrecker drivers and parking facilities who engage in criminal conduct daily for financial gain.

It's a shame other law enforcement agencies don't take the same approach for upholding the towing law as the Austin Police Department.  (SXSW Parking)

There is no valid excuse to allow criminal conduct by towing companies to go unnoticed.