Saturday, March 26, 2011

Motorists/Business/Law Enforcement Under Assault by Texas Legislature

It's imperative everyone contact your representative in the Texas Legislature and demand them to vote against HB3510 and SB1371, as these proposed bill allows corruption, the current law prohibits.

Once again, although, it's on the minds of many, which legislators are leaning toward being corrupt, being financially influenced by any lobbyist group. (Texas Towing & Storage Association)

House Rep Mike Hamilton (R) Buna told me recently, that being in business as he is, "it's ok" to accept financial benefits (kickbacks/bribes) from towing companies.

Senator John Carona (R) Dallas, has everything to gain from his bill of passing since he himself allows towing on property in owns.

These bills create an unfair disadvantage to other companies, who don't have the ability to enrich and/or send property managers to Las Vegas, so they can enforce their parking rules.

Both the these bill will disrupt what has been in place since 1993 and the only ones who benefit will be organized crime, select towing companies and parking facility owners who are accustomed to shady business practices.

I can't help but wonder why either of these two legislators, would reduce the current criminal penalty and fine for towing companies or parking facilities who repeated harm Texas consumers and businesses.

House Rep Mike Hamilton prides himself on the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation's ability to issue Occupation Licenses to Convicted Child Molesters, giving them the opportunity to come into our homes or pickup your teenage daughter when their vehicle becomes disabled and requires towing.

So, we must ask ourselves, is Texas ready for a dose of corruption courtesy of the Texas Legislature that would allow the towing companies whom a history of harming consumers, the opportunity to rape consumers.

Law enforcement are against this bill, as it reduces the criminal penalty to a simple traffic ticket, something many law enforcement agencies will not even bother with, leaving potential victims of criminal illegal towing with nowhere to turn, since alot of  JP Courts are incapable of making a ruling without "social circles" playing a role.

Please write your representatives and ask them to vote no!