Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Milstead Found Guilty for Violating State Law

The verdict has been issued in illegal towing incident involving Milstead Automotive, Milstead Vehicle Storage and the Flying J Travel Center in Houston, Texas. A brave Montgomery County Justice of Peace ruled that the above parties did not have "probable cause" to tow John Eakins' tractor trailer.

This ruling proves that no matter one's wealth and reputation in their community, can knowingly violate State Law and get away with it.

I was unable to attend the Texas Towing and Storage Advisory Board meeting this morning, because my mother's funeral was more important.

Amy Milstead Ellzey should be ashamed of herself for allowing her family's towing company to engage in criminal conduct as with this case!

With this ruling, Montgomery County Justice Court, Precinct Three, Cause Number 3608A, Mr. Eakins should pursue filing criminal charges against the Milstead wrecker operator that towed his truck and the Milstead Vehicle Storage employee who charged unauthorized fees.

This criminal act by Milstead, is how unscrupulous towing companies statewide thrive.

The attorney representing the Milstead clan, Jonathan Bruce, of Houston is fine man, as I know him personally, as he has represented towing companies I had managed in the past in deregulation issues. I kinda feel bad for Mr Bruce with the Dick Milstead outright lying in Court putting him on the spot.

Next step for Mr Eakins is to file a Justice Court Case in Harris County against Milstead and Flying J for the statutory violations and recover triple damages. Considering Milstead charged him $1800 twice in this incident, no different than the other 21 tractor trailer owner or operator from the the Flying J Travel Center, Mr Eakins triple damages for knowingly violated State Law by Milstead, is $5400, plus his attorney fees.

These specific actions of Milstead have exposed their corporation to a "Deceptive Trade Practices" litigation by every victim towed from a private parking facility.

On to greener pastures, as I will do everything in my power to have Amy Milstead-Ellzey removed from the TDLR Advisory Board, Texas deserves better.