Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Consumers Under Attack by Criminal Enterprises & Corupt Law Enforcement Agencies

Consumers, being the vehicle owner or operator, are being burned by select towing companies, wrecker drivers, vehicle storage facilities and parking facilities across the state at an alarming rate.

Everyday, I hear from someone who's vehicle was taken from a parking facility, which was not in compliance with the Texas Towing Law, and forced to pay huge sums of money to get their vehicle back. To make matters worse, the chances of getting their money back, even a court ordered judgment, the towing companies and vehicle storage facilities refuse to pay the money back.

With people losing their jobs, being victimized by towing companies, law enforcement agencies refusing to arrest those committing criminal offenses that resulted in the illegal tow in the first place, are contributing to the consumer's confidence in Justice.

Victims of towing companies and parking facilities cannot give up, because if you do, the criminal enterprises win.

The public if victimized by towing company or vehicle storage facility should file a complaint against them.