Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi Pat, my car was towed 2 nights ago (evening of March 19th), without my consent, or even my knowledge (For all I knew,  my car might have been stolen.)

I called the tow company of the apartment complex I live at and discovered it was indeed towed.  They told me it would cost $165 to pick it up and didn't mention any other fees.

This is the second time my car has been towed, and it was for expired stickers both times, and the first time they put the "orange sticker" on a window last time to at least give me a heads up.

This time, I didn't even get a sticker.

I noticed on your website that it said they can't even tow with just the sticker, and must send certified mail.  I was wondering what advice you could give me on approaching this situation and if you could at least provide me with links to this information in writing so I can backup this claim in court.

I went to pickup my car today with $205.00 in hand (because from previous experience I knew they charged a daily storage fee) and then they tried to tell me it was going to be about $260.00 (This being just 36 hours later, the day after I called).  $50.00 for sending out a certified mail notice telling me that they towed my car AFTER I called inquiring whether they had my car, and a fee after the first 12 hours of storage, and two more $21.64 fees.

If the information helps you at all, the towing company is
Longhorn Wrecker 
1825 California Crossing Rd, Dallas, TX 75220
(972) 501-9906

I'm looking into taking as much legal action as I can on my own (don't have money for a lawyer), at a minimum filing a complaint at the local Justice of the Peace in Dallas and I would like any guidance you can give on how to proceed.

Thank you so much for your time.  It is very much appreciated.
You want to file two separate complaints against Longhorn Wrecker for each time towed for an expired sticker without receiving the Certified Mail letter informing of the expiration issue, given 10 days, then towed.  The SOAH Judges are finally ordering tow companies to refund the fees paid, it takes awhile, but the towing company nor the parking facility can bypass this notification requirement and successfully win in Court.

Law enforcement agencies within the North Texas area need to take a stand against predatory convicted felon tow truck operators and company owners currently engaging in organized criminal activity.