Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breaking News: Senate Passes HB2571, Goes To Governor

I am so pleased that the Texas Legislature has answered the thousands of victims who's vehicles were illegal towed all over our State by passing HB2571. Those wrecker drivers who over and over again take advantage of motorists will be subject to immediate arrest for their criminal acts. Their tow truck will be impounded and TDLR will suspend the operator's license.

The towing scams involving tractor trailers, forcing their operators to pay in access of a $1000.00, when their trucks were outright stolen, based on the fact the towing company "gave" kickbacks to the property owner/manager in exchange for the authorization to tow vehicles from their property.

The recent towing scam in Austin, involving Central Towing, to which it's owner was arrested, is a prime example of how law enforcement agencies across the State should address the criminal illegal towing in their community.

Come May 1, 2010, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation will established maximum fees towing companies can charge vehicle owners or operators. This should stop the abusive charges that many vehicle owners cannot afford.

Once again, the Texas Towing Law, which originated in 1992 has been amended once again that will finally hold towing companies and parking facility owners criminally responsible for the action. In addition, a parking facility will be liable to a vehicle owner for $1000.00 plus triple damages for violating the Towing Law, Occupation Code 2308.251, in addition to attorney fees. This alone should make property managers think twice before asking for or accepting something free from a towing company.

This is a win win for parking facility owners and towing companies, as competition will become fair, because sacrificing their integrity for the sake of profit, will cost violators their freedom and huge sums of money.

Vehicle owners will have even more rights now, as the vehicle storage facility will be required to provide the name of the "person" who authorized the tow.

For further information on how HB2571 will drastically change the landscape of the Texas Towing Law, click here for that information.