Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Governor Signs HB2571 Into Law

Come this September 1st, vehicle owners and operators will have greater abilities to recover increased financial damages because of illegal towing by towing companies and parking facilities.

In addition to these new changes in the Texas Towing Law, law enforcement agencies will be able to file a Class B Misdemeanor against wrecker drivers who repeatedly tow vehicles without probable cause. Instead of a simple ticket as now, we expect wrecker drivers and parking facility owners/managers to be arrested and transported to Jail.

After September 1st, 2009, if you pay $200 to retrieve your vehicle that has been towed without your consent from a private parking lot, the parking facility and/or towing company will be liable for $1000.00 instead of the current $300.00, plus triple damages, for violating the Texas Towing Law.

I expect those towing companies and parking facilities to obey the law with these increased penalties, civil and criminal. It may take a couple of years before they learn it is wise to follow the law instead of taking that chance that a vehicle owner or operator or some law enforcement agency is not up on the changes in State Law.

Come September 1, 2010, there will the a maximum tow fee for nonconsent towing throughout the State of Texas.