Thursday, November 11, 2010

TDLR Caters to Criminal Conduct with Reduced Fines for Licensees

Once again, TDLR caters to a corrupt towing and vehicle storage company by letting them off with a reduced fine of $15,000 instead original $63,000. Consumers and businesses alike continue to take a beating everyday by TDLR licensees who pride themselves on violating the law, knowing TDLR will most likely let them off with a reduced fine or penalty.

This is total bullshit, worst than the campaign donation driven Judges who make rulings of law which are so far from the intent of the law, it's sickening.

Two Steppin is a prime example of a TDLR licensee being allowed to harm consumers with zero restitution to the many victims of North Texas.

Consumers whom were victimized during unlicensed activity can expect no assistance from TDLR, as TDLR caters to their licensees. This will be another example to illustrate to the Legislature why additional regulations and increased criminal penalties are needed to protect Texas.