Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Consumers feel betrayed as state agency allows their licensees to rape them financially.

Email from consumer/victim:

I am needing help please
Billy Webb
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I have been bullied by this towing company called Ideal Towing. They tried to tow my vehicle on July 12, 2010. The driver improperly towed it out of the Handicap Parking. The maintenance man from the apartment saw the company towing my vehicle and informed me. I had to run to stop them from towing and I was injured we running them down. I am handicap and I had my handicap placard on my dash displayed. The Driver dropped my car when I confronted him and he apologized about 5 times while driving off. He damaged my car while trying to take my car.

I called the company and my apartment complex to complain about the event. I was told by the Ideal Towing manager that they are not responsible for the damage they have done. I fought to obtain their insurance company and their insurance company refuse to send an adjuster to check the damage. I had to have my insurance to come and give a quote.
I ended up paying out of pocket for the damage. Ideal Towing insurance claims that the towing company does not carry Form H&I just liability insurance. TDLR claims that Ideal towing does not have a valid certificate to tow since December 2009. The last update was 10-7-2010 on the TDLR website sates that also.

I had a attorney and he drop the case and charged me $50 for him to send a letter that I never seen. I have not paid him because he has not sent a bill.

I have a Mediation with the BBB but I do not know what the outcome will be. The Mediation will take place December 16th. I have to miss work for that.

Ideal Towing threaten to sue me for disinformation of character and for trying to extort monies from Ideal Towing after i filed a claim on their insurance.

On October 18th I file a claim with the TDLR and on October 20th Ideal Towing came back to tow my car once again.I watched the truck driver watch and wait for me to park. After I parked I watched the driver drive past my car then turn around and waited for me to disappear then he went after my car. I set off my alarm and meet him outside of his truck. He said I was parked illegally in the Handicap parking. I pointed out my tag and he told me that he will tow it like that. All of the incidents were caught on their video cameras on their truck.

I feel I can not park at the apartment complex where I live because of Ideal targeting me. I now have plates on my car but if they believe that that parking in the handicap parking is illegal then will they think the same with the plate.

TDLR will not help and BBB seems to be a joke for consumers. Can you help me?

Billy J.Webb

It's going to get worse, the Legislature needs to take another look at correcting the injustices in TDLR's enabling statute and funding.