Monday, February 13, 2012

Plano based Signature Towing, Inc Fined Over Expired Sticker Scam - Hundreds Due Damages

Why towing company owners think they can burn vehicle owners over the expired inspection or registration sticker, is a sign of their desperation. The state law hasn't changed since it's creation that regulates this issue. ( Occupations Code 2308.253 (d)(1)(2) ).

I am pleased the Administrative Judges whom hear cases brought by TDLR against towing companies, tow truck operators, are sticking to law and regulations as written, instead of being swayed by attorneys representing them.

The latest company to be caught, Signature Towing, Inc of Plano, instead of obeying law, a criminal offense, they chose to pay legal representation and fines, of which $1850.00 was paid today, just before 2pm.

Sadly the hundreds of Signature's victims whom paid for the release of their vehicle don't know the tow was illegal. I wonder if Signature is going mail a refund check for every vehicle they towed for an expired inspection or registration sticker since 2004. If Signature was truly a legit company, they wouldn't have 2nd guess violating the Law, but they did, and got caught.

But, it's not to late for victims of the "sticker scam" to have their case appealed, there is no appeal bond, just a filing fee and a bulldog lawyer, such as Mr. Warren Norred, of Arlington. Since Signature Towing, Inc was found guilty by TDLR for violating the law numerous times, victims could be entitled to $1000 plus triple their vehicle storage facility and/or towing receipt.

It's not to late for anyone towed by or a drop fee to Signature Towing Inc for expired stickers, to file criminal charges against them and have your fees returned ordered by a criminal court judge during sentencing.

This sticker scam is occurring daily across the state, as dishonest towing companies know 99% of vehicle owners or operators do not know the state law all towing companies and parking facilities MUST follow to have vehicles towed.

The only way a vehicle maybe towed for an expired inspection or registration sticker, from a parking facility is: a certified letter giving 10 days notice, or hand delivered with a witness present, a written warning, from the parking facility, NOT the towing company. The manpower to walk, sticker, write down all the vehicle information takes time, but Signature like many others offer this to property managers everyday, knowing darn well it's against the Law.

Dishonest towing companies send their employees, many convicted felons and registered sex offenders, walking parking lots during the day and night placing orange stickers on vehicle windows threatening the removal of vehicle. ALWAYS question who placed the sticker on the vehicle. These orange stickers cost money and the parking facility is prohibited from accepting anything of value from the towing company in exchange for towing vehicles.

Visit Texas Towing Compliance regularly, as this site provides valuable information.

It's important to remember, unless you file a complaint with TDLR regarding a towing company, tow truck driver, vehicle storage facility or employee of their conduct, they grin on the way to the bank, knowing they just got another sucker!