Wednesday, February 1, 2012

El Paso Consumers Get Burned by Unlicensed VSF Employees

From a recent towing victim email;

Dear Pat,

It was a pleasure speaking to you this past Saturday. Thank you for taking my call.

As I mentioned, I paid at a parking lot, but I was towed anyway. It was late at night.

The company is Extreme Towing. They charged me $145.00 to get my vehicle back. The date was 1/28/12 at 1:45 am. The invoice says that their carrier certificate is 0645221VSF and 0577283VSF. The towing license it states is 005452138C.

I have attached the audio file. It starts off poor but improves. Around minute 10:00 he states that he does not have the employee license card. He wrote down a number and claims to be someone named Omar but he is later called Jason by another employee (the one that threatened me when I called the police). Minute 11:00 another tow victim explains that he had damage done to his bumper. At around 13:30, the person called Jason who doesn't have his license tells me that his supervisor told him that I either get my cash back and leave without my truck or that I must take my truck immediately. At 17:30, when I call the police, the officer on the other line tells me that if I'm dealing with Extreme Towing that it is not unlikely that I would be having problems.

I am also attaching a picture of their sign. They do not answer their phone 24 hrs. They have two different signs with two different numbers. A security company answers the number on the big sign. Extreme answers the number on their sign. The top of the sign reaches about 4'10". The bottom of the sign is at about 4 feet.

I filed an incident report with the police and I have two witnesses that the tow company employee was getting aggressive.

I have a question. Do I go to the JP in the jurisdiction where I was towed for a hearing?

Thank you for your help so far. I appreciate any further information you may provide.


Rene Nevarez

1730 Bassett Ste F
El Paso, TX 79901

Consumers are URGED to record all audio and video between yourself, the vehicle storage facility employee and the tow truck operator, so TDLR will not take the word of their licensees, who tend not to tell the truth.

Listen to recorded conversation between victim and employee at Extreme Towing.

It's extremely important to file complaints ( with TDLR if you feel you were taken advantage of by anyone in the towing and vehicle storage facility industry!