Friday, August 23, 2013

Harris County JP Awards Tow Victim $1800 in Justice Court that Constables Collect With Writ of Execution

A Muslim convenience store owner with his Muslim attorney failed to convince a Harris County Judge, it was within his rights to have vehicles towed from his property without towing signs posted. The Muslim attorney made several motions to dismiss, all over ruled by the Judge, claiming the 14 day deadline for a Tow Hearing.  Problem is, this was a Justice Court hearing to find the store owner guilty for committing several violations of the Texas Occupations Code, specifically 2308.301.

The tow victim was well prepared for his case, following my instructions for what violation to seek damages for, documented with video and photographs.

It paid off, the victim was awarded the $1000 plus three times $184.30, the filing fees for a total just over $1800.00. Seems the Muslim wanted to stall payment of award, so next step, pays the filing fee for a Writ of Execution and let the Constable collect the debt or seize property.

Today, the victim is called by the Constable's Office, they had all his money in a cashiers check totaling $1808.38.

It takes persistence to get your money back from towing companies and parking facility owners when illegally or wrongfully towed without your consent from private property.