Friday, December 27, 2013

Tow Victims Bring 2013 to Closure with Big Victories

Great news coming in from tow victims across Texas, as not one has lost their statutory violation case!  In the latest string of growing victories, a property management company from Dallas was found guilty for taking something of value in connection with the removal of the vehicle from none other, Metro Parking Solutions.  In that case heard yesterday, the Judge awarded 14 vehicle owners $2027.09 each. 

Capitol Tow continues to bring smiles to apartment residents they tow from.  Lawrence Case thinks he knows the towing law, but the law he knows was taught to TDCJ inmates in vocational training prior to being released from prison with a fresh TDLR occupation license in hand.

The property manager in Arlington found out firsthand the seriousness of accepting something of value from Capitol Tow, the Judge ordered the bailiff to take her into custody, after learning 144 vehicles had been towed. in the past three months.  At issue, was that Capitol Tow provided the property manager a golf cart to be used by her staff and maintenance, the golf cart in question had a decal stating compliments of Capitol Tow.  After testimony was given, the Judge considered all the evidence the tow victims present and found the property manager guilty of Sec. 2308.401. Parking Facility Owner Prohibited from Receiving Financial Gain from Towing Company or Booting Company.  This victim left court with a $2398.17 judgement against the property owner and property management company.

Down in Jefferson County, a trucking firm scored a big victory involving their tractor trailer delivery truck towed from a mall parking lot in Port Arthur, the jury awarded $12,391.00, The two primary statutory violations were 2308.401 and 2308.251 issues.

Tow victims are learning the best way to recover monetary damages in connection with the towing of their vehicles is the statutory violation trial is by far the easiest route to win, verses a tow hearing.

The primary issue to remember when filing yourself or with legal counsel, is to sue the parking facility and not the towing company.  I recommend filing all the necessary complaints with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations against the tow company, the tow truck operator, so they can be dealt with.