Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TDLR Allows penalized companies to operate without paying fine

Sadly, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Lt Governor David Dewhurst are to blame for widespread criminal activity motorists/businesses experience daily at the hands of their appointees at TDLR.

If TDLR commissioners won't revoke licenses of companies that won't pay their fines (which I presume applies to Merlin Transport / Excalibur Towing because there's no evidence online or elsewhere that they're paying after the $21,700 default judgment was issued against them) should taxpayers have to keep subsidizing TDLR to make up for the revenue difference to the state?

If TDLR fines are mere "suggestions" then where's the actual "service" for Texans who subsidize TDLR?

I suspect TDLR General Counsel will beg the Attorney General's Office to help them crack down on these renegade companies, and meanwhile TDLR will also strengthen its ability to delicense companies. Otherwise, payments will decline will respect for TDLR.

How does that help anyone, but those drawing a salary at TDLR?

Legitimate towing company owners and drivers should be concerned because your Advisory Board does not represent your interests on the state level, when fines mean nothing to predatory companies who wreak havoc on the lives in the communities they operate in.