Monday, April 30, 2012

City of San Marcos to Revise Towing Ordinance to Eliminate Illegal Showup Fee

Good news to pocketbooks of motorists whom park within private parking lots anywhere in San Marcos.

This morning, I was told by Chief Howard Williams, the San Marcos Police Department's current wrecker ordinance allows a wrecker driver to charge a $40 show up fee, even when the vehicle is not fully prepared to transport.

This has practice has been stopped effective today, after several conversations I had with SMPD that this type of charge is not allowed by State Law. Furthermore, any wrecker driver who thinks they can violate State Law knowing darn well this type of show-up fee is not allowed.

Chief Williams told me earlier, his department is sending a letter to all of the towing companies  who tow private property impounds in San Marcos, this charge is no longer authorized.

Any motorist who has been charged a $40 show-up fee by a tow truck driver without towing your vehicle or being fully prepared to transport down the roadway, (watch video to better understand) YOU are urged to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, against the towing company and tow truck operator.

This Austin drop fee scam video is the model used statewide to determine when motorists have been charged an unauthorized fee, when questioned by investigators.

Kudos to San Marcos PD for bringing this illegal practice to a halt!