Thursday, May 17, 2012

San Antonio Police Department Finally Takes Action Against Towing Companies linked to Tow Fee Overcharging Citizens & Tourists

Finally, the San Antonio Police Department is enforcing their wrecker ordinance regarding the nonconsent tow fee of $85.00.

Many questions remain as to why SAPD and the City of San Antonio until just recently began enforcing the regulated tow fee. It's not like either can say they were unaware of motorists being severely price gouged.

Just why is it that members of the San Antonio City Council and their Mayor are eager to accept campaign donations from lobbyists of area towing companies, so certain towing companies can line their pockets with the hard-earned money of the citizens and tourists of the Alamo City, because of a money induced vote.

Well, it's finally coming to a heed, as now SAPD is citing the vehicle storage facility employee every time they charge in excess of the regulated fee of $85.00.  But, it's the tow truck operator who submits paperwork at the storage facility with the unauthorized charge, so why isn't the tow truck operator being held responsible?

Earlier, I was talking with a person of interest within the law enforcement community, that told me, "all these problems our city has experienced with towing companies are because of John Deloach aka Bexar Towing".

Well, it's come to an end, as the new owners of Assured Towing, Park Right Solutions are probably rethinking their business plan since they can charge no more than $85.00.  I'm sure the thought of charging someone close to $300 for towing/storage would make most dishonest towing company owners eager to move to San Antonio.

So, just remember, if a vehicle storage facility attempts to charge you a $250 tow fee for a private property impound towed from within the San Antonio city limits, call 911 and ask an officer to respond to the storage facility due to fact of overcharging.

Reference video: Tow Fee Scam San Antonio