Thursday, May 24, 2012

TDLR Clarifies Regulations with Towing Companies in Austin, Texas

In a meeting this morning, that featured Robin Motem, TDLR, Robert Loosier, APD, Ric Paterno TCSO and all but two towing company owners discussed 7 items.

Benefiting motorists who's vehicle has been placed into storage; the vehicle storage facility is required to accept credit cards regardless who's name is on it; the storage facility cannot charge a credit card usage fee; and a vehicle facility must release personal property to to rightful owner regardless of time or day within one hour's notice. Unless a law enforcement hold, nobody touches the vehicle or it's contents.

Another live saving benefit to motorists, is that tow trucks cannot run red lights enroute to a traffic accident, thus reducing the chance of a traffic fatality.

On another account, if a vehicle becomes disabled or wrecked on a public roadway or shoulder, an IM (Incident Management) permitted tow truck must remove the vehicle.

Overall, many members of the towing industry were not pleased upon leaving the meeting.