Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 ACL Festival Towing Scandal by J&J Towing Continues While APD Does Nothing

Austin City Limits fans who were attending concerts at Emos in Southeast Austin were taken advantage of by J&J Towing that parked in the Pizza Hut parking lot.  J&J Towing is recklessly towing vehicles from a parking facility that fails to comply with the Texas Towing Law, because the required signage is not facing and conspicuously visible to drivers entering from Riverside Drive nor posted within 25' of the street. 

They have a sign posted behind the garbage dumpster, but the Austin Police Department Wrecker Unit detective has already cited them because of the distance away from Riverside Drive.

All of the other driveway entering this parking lot has legal signs posted in the correct locations, but the driveway entering from Riverside Drive doesn't. I am still receiving calls on the Texas Towing Compliance Hotline (512-680-3190).

Last night, I was at this parking lot, while J&J drivers were towing vehicles, the sign is still not facing drivers when entering. I called J&J dispatch twice already regarding the sign post damage and discovered that J&J didn't fix the sign post that had been struck by a vehicle a month ago..

Everyone towed from this parking lot occupied by Riverside Liquor and Pizza Hut is entitled to $1600 each if they paid $193.30 to J&J to retrieve their vehicle at the storage lot.

The person writing you a check for $1600.00 is Latipac Commercial, INC, the property management company who signed a service agreement with J&J Towing to tow vehicles from this parking lot at 2023 East Riverside Drive.

Earlier this afternoon, I watched an employee of Frank Sapp, the owner of J&J Towing trying to straighten the sign post, I asked the employee if Frank was going to refund everyone towed over the past two months because the sign was not facing them as required by State Law.

So victims of this illegal towing scam, keep the paperwork you received from J&J Towing and contact the law firm of WaltersDunn at 512-236-1114 to receive what State Law says your entitled to, $1000 plus triple what you paid to retrieve your vehicle, in addition to the cost of repairs for damage to your vehicle caused during the removal and storage process.  J&J has a history of their tow truck operators using a slimjim to unlock the doors of locked vehicles prior to towing, which in most cases damages the locking mechanism inside the door or drag vehicles in park leaving flat spot on tires.

It's important to call 311 to file an offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation, so APD can arrest those wrecker drivers for their criminal behavior and to file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations against J&J Towing, so they can be fined.