Monday, February 17, 2014

Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service Continues to "Steal" Vehicles of Texas A&M and Blinn College Students

Everyone that has been towed by this company is encouraged and urged to contact the Texas Towing Compliance Legal Team at 512-236-1114 so you can be paid $1800 by the parking facility that authorized the towing of your vehicle.

This is an excellent opportunity for college students as there are no upfront fees, period!

23 college students have retain these attorneys in Austin who will drive to Bryan and prosecute these parking facilities for accepting bribes, posting illegally worded or layout towing signs, towing vehicles from illegally marked restricted and designated parking spaces, among other issues.

It's best to take a stand, as the College Station Police Department is not going to do anything to help you, but we WILL!

Do not file a tow hearing, if you do, only file in JP Vera Hooge's court in Bryan as the other JPs go along to get along with area tow companies.. Judge Hooge was provided a photo of all of the towing signs provided to parking facilities, including the reason the signs are illegal.  So, you can rest assured if you file your tow hearing in her Court, which the law allows, you most likely will win your case.

And, by all means, please file a complaint against the towing company for towing your vehicle with noncompliant towing signs posted and the vehicle storage facility for their verbal abuse towards vehicle owners and operators while trying to pickup of their vehicle after being stolen.

It's important to remember, there are no legal towing signs posted anywhere in Bryan or College Station, read this article to understand.