Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Desoto, Texas Latest Towing Scam Community

As I said before, predatory towing companies will operate in jurisdictions where law enforcement looks the other way, or is just uninformed of their responsibilities.

Yesterday, I received a call via the towing hotline, 512-680-3190, from a female motorist in Desoto, Texas whom followed the suggestions regarding illegal towing. A police officer with Desoto Police Department told the victim, "all we can do is maintain peace". That in itself is a serious blunder, as had this police officer been update on the towing law, he/she might have realized the sign posted was not in compliance, but it's obvious this law enforcement agency needs additional training, since I was told, "they (Desoto) don't have a problem with private property towing", but they do.

The towing company, 24 Hr Wrecker Service Inc of Lancaster has already been cited by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for violating the rules and regulations back in February 2012. Now they are going to deal with another complaint for illegal towing, since the sign fails to state whom may park in the parking facility and prohibit all others.

The victim, was ever so cool to send me the photos of sign prior to arriving at the storage lot and that began a whole different outlook, as after a brief conversation regarding the illegal sign, the towing company released her vehicle at no charge.

By far, Texas Towing Compliance comes through to save another victim of illegal towing from paying for the release of their vehicle.

In hindsight, the Desoto Police Department should be a wary eye on towing companies operating in their city stealing vehicles from private property, unabated.