Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TDLR Fine Matrix Sends Strong Message to Towing Industry

After attending the TS&BAB meeting earlier this week, I must say TDLR shoved it into their faces, the fines they face for violating the rules and State Law.  This fine matrix should be incorporated by municipal courts and Justices of the Peace fine schedules.

TDLR is meeting with law enforcement agencies across the State of Texas is educate them on their responsibilities in enforcing the Towing Law, as they would a traffic citation, or the in case of a repeat offender, a trip to Jail.

The biggest towing scam that is occurring is expired registration or inspection stickers. This entails a wrecker driver or employee of the towing company attaching a bright orange warning sticker, waiting a few days, then towing it.  IF this has happened to you, take action against the apartment complex owner or manager in Court. Do not hesitate in filing criminal charges against the wrecker driver and the property manager, as they are fully aware of the notification requiring a 10 day certified mail letter warning.  You also want to file a complaint with TDLR against the towing company, as this violation carries a $3000 fine, per violation.

As I told the board during the comment session, they should adopt the matrix and quit nick picking, stalling and asking for delays..These fines are for licensees who repeatedly violate the law and request a reduced fine, while John Doe motorist is out $300, or his vehicle.