Sunday, July 8, 2012

DFW area Plagued by EXCALIBUR TOWING Scams

Email regarding Excalibur Towing via Texas Towing Compliance:

Hi, My name is Chris. I've been reading your blog and had a concern that maybe you could direct me what to do.

My mother's car was in an apartment complex in the correct parking spot. The car got a sticker because someone had broken into the small section of the rear window and the tire was flattened. We couldn't get the window fixed right away, but it was only the small section so we covered it up completely with plastic on both the inside and outside. We also bought a tire and swapped it out. 

On July 2nd, we got a sticker stating that the Registration tag was expired and it said inoperable. The sticker gave said we had 48 hours to correct the problem or remove the vehicle. The towing company took it on July 3rd before 4 pm. I spoke to the police thinking it was stolen. They told us to talk to management of the apartment complex. Management told us we had to deal with the towing company. I called and talked to 3 different people at Excalibur, and was given the runaround because of the 4th of July holiday. I was then told that the 48 hour notice didn't matter. That we should have fixed that window completely or the property owner would be dealing with fines. I asked them why they would give us a 48 hour warning. We rescheduled our days to take the car July 3rd. He told me that's no excuse, we should've had it done by then and that the 48 hour notice doesn't matter.

Are we in the wrong? I would understand if they towed it after the 48 hours, but shouldn't the time frame be honored? Thanks in advance for your time.
My response to this latest illegal towing victim:
Yes, you were wrongfully towed if towed for expired registration without receiving the certified letter allowing 10 days...The Judge that hears the case, Ken Curry is corrupt. I urge you to file a complaint with TDLR since this company already owes $21K in fines.

Another route is to sue your apartment complex since they authorized the towing company to tow your vehicle. Even better, file criminal charges against the property manager for violating the Towing Law since it's a misdemeanor.

Another problem is the law enforcement agency's attitudes on criminal illegal towing, telling potential crime victims to talk to the property manager, when property manager is the perpetrator. 

Learn your rights when towed!