Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Best Way to Deal With a Predatory Tow Truck Driver is to Shoot Them

The definition of a predatory tow truck driver, is a person, who knowingly tows a vehicle, from a parking lot, that is not in total compliance with State Law. These types of drivers create a reason to tow, damage vehicles, burglarize vehicles and could careless if the tow sign is legal or placed in the correct location.

A predatory tow truck drivers steals for living and the only solution to put a stop to a predatory tow truck driver is through the use of force, rather it be deadly force or a violent beating.  I don't condone violence, but given the thousands of convicts who were issued a State Occupations License to continue their life of crime, targeting the public, it would be wise to set your alarm clock at 4AM to catch these felon tow truck drivers roaming apartment complexes for their next prey.

Every large city in Texas is under assault by predatory tow companies to inflict harm in the same manner as ISIS and unless you protect your vehicle, your means to support your family will disappear without transportation.

K & K Towing is one such tow company that is predatory, and their behavior in Southeast Texas is sure to get one of their drivers killed in a hail of gunfire from the Asian gangs and the many licensed to carry gun owners..

No tow company has ever towed my personal vehicle, but if they did, they would pay a price they should not forget.