Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two San Antonio area Towing Companies Want to Give You $1600 for Christmas Shopping

Two towing companies in San Antonio, Bexar Towing and Atlas Towing are eager to give vehicle owners or their operator, $1600 each time they park and pay.

San Antonio's most hated company Bexar Towing has began posting illegal towing signs in an effort to scam motorists.  The parking lots with these illegal signs are throughout Bexar County and you have to park and be towed at those with the signs below posted.  If you allow your vehicle to remain in storage for three weeks, the award is $2000.

Across town, Atlas Towing is still towing vehicles with illegal signs posted, even after the San Antonio Police warned them that doing so comes with consequences.  The latest location Atlas is offering money is the Crescent Oaks Apartments located 5830 Medical Drive.  This complex has two driveways and only one sign (illegal) posted in a bush.

The property manager at Crescent Oaks Apartments is eager to pay everyone that has been towed $1600 each and you could have been towed six months ago.  Crescent Oaks goes as far as towing without legal signs posted at both driveways, shown below.

So, find your receipts and take whatever property owner or manager these illegal towing signs are posted at to Justice Court to collect your Christmas shopping money.  It's also advised that everyone towed file an online complaints with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and file criminal charges with the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-2348.

Bexar and Atlas both are proud members of the San Antonio Apartment Association.

Both tow company owners will tell you the deadline to file has passed, but that is not a tow hearing.  To get the $1000 plus triple damages, you file a statutory violation hearing, as there is no deadline to file this type of hearing and you don't have to prove negligence on behalf of the tow company or parking facility.