Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marty's City Auto of Galveston Busted & Fined by State of Texas for Dishonesty and Lack of Intergrity

Complaints with TDLR take awhile, but those Galveston Island towing companies who steal vehicles and charge unauthorized drop fees are finally being fined by the State of Texas.

Marty's City Auto has illegal towing signs posted throughout Galveston Island and continue to tow vehicles illegally knowing their influence with the Galveston Police Department is a landfall in ill gotten gains.

According the the TDLR Final Orders database, on October 26, 2013, the owner of Marty's admitted to violating State Law, the very state law which carries a criminal penalty that Galveston Police refuse to enforce.  Hopefully, the cops will do something soon to charge those responsible for admitting guilt to multiple criminal offenses.

The public is encouraged to keep filing online complaints against towing companies in Galveston, if towed from private property since there are no legal towing signs posted.  You should not expect the Galveston Police to assist you if it involves private property towing issues, especially the unauthorized drop fee racket that continues unabated.

For your own safety, never sign a tow ticket or any non-notarized document at their storage lots.
Record the entire event when dealing with tow companies in Galveston, especially Marty's since his drivers are not drug tested as required by State Law. It's best to have a CHL when being confronted by a tow truck driver in Galveston.

Zip Code: 77550

License #: 2176VSF

Complaint # VSF20120012105 
Date: 10/26/2013

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $3,250. An administrative penalty of $2,500 is assessed for TOW20120012104; and an administrative penalty of $750 is assessed for VSF20120012105.
Respondent failed to conduct towing operations with honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity; Respondent failed to adopt and implement an alcohol and drug testing policy; Respondent failed to preserve records and information required by the Department.