Monday, November 25, 2013

Border Patrol agent confronts wrecker driver at gunpoint

Via email, a wrecker driver was caught by an armed Border Patrol agent, while attempting to enter his govt issued unmarked truck at his apartment complex where he lives this past Saturday night.  According to Agent Morales, the driver's passenger began talking shit, threatening to kick his ass. Them Morales identitys himself as a BP agent as the wrecker driver tells him to back away from the vehicle. Morales tells the driver he is not towing that vehicle,  All three of them start hollering, a neighbor  wakes up to the comotion and calls 911.  As the wrecker goes to lift the truck off the ground, Morales tells him again, this time with his weapon drawn and orders the wrecker driver out of the vehicle, just as McAllen Police units arrived on scene.  Acording to Agent Morales, McAllen PD knew the wrecker driver to have outstanding felony warrants for his arrest and placed him custody.  Agent Morales saved his vehicle from being stolen, as the towing company did'nt have a towing agreement with for the property.  It was later learned, the wrecker driver had been stealing vehicles for quite sometime and was on parole.  The passenger in the tow truck was also detained for failure to idntify, which while at jail, it was learned he was an illegal alien.