Thursday, May 1, 2014

DFW Area Property Management Companies Cancel Tow Contracts With United Tow LLC due Liability Risk

Several large property management companies have canceled their towing agreements with United Tow LLC.

Several management companies have canceled the tow contracts for many of their apartment complexes and told United to remove their signs and stay off their properties. All of these management companies said they will not tow any vehicles period, as they have lost to many residents due to illegal towing and residents complaining of the rudeness of their drivers demanding unauthorized drop fees.

More parking facilities are dropping United and several other tow companies after being misled and outright lied to.

The public is advised to take a photograph of the towing sign posted at the parking lot their vehicle was towed from to protect the evidence, as they are crime victims, because if your towed with an illegal sign posted, the Courts will award you $1000 plus triple the tow bill.

Several police departments are arresting tow truck drivers and charging them with Felony Theft, dollar value of the vehicle, when towed without probable cause. An illegal tow sign is grounds for this charge.

Always attempt to file criminal charges against the parking facility owner or manager and the tow truck drive with law enforcement agency where you vehicle was towed from.  Don't be alarm when if a police officer or police department tells you it's a civil issue, as this is a sign that agency or officer or deputy needs additional training.

Law enforcement is learning and it's slow process to get them educated, but we have faith it will happen, as TDLR is doing outreach to law enforcement to educate them with the help of the San Antonio Police Department's Vehicle Crimes Unit and the Nacogdoches Police Department.

Until that happens, prepare your case, get all the evidence, recorded conversations with the property manager and maintenance man at residential housing complexes.

After gathering all the evidence, contact Texas Towing Compliance at 512-680-3190 for further guidance.