Friday, May 2, 2014

Pro Tow Wrecker Service Damages Transmission of Impounded Vehicle

Pro Tow Wrecker Service of Lewisville, Texas yesterday damaged the transmission of a commercial vehicle one their tow truck operators towed from a business in Denton, Texas. 

The vehicle’s owner, a business located at where the vehicle was towed, from directly in front of their loading dock was stunned when his truck would not move when he placed it in drive.

The entire ordeal with Pro Tow is one no vehicle owner should have to deal with. At Pro Tow’s vehicle storage facility, they did not have the paperwork for the vehicle, nor did Pro Tow notified the Denton Police Department the vehicle had been towed.  The Denton Police Department confirmed the vehicle was never reported as required by State Law to them.

Then comes an argument about the damage done to their company vehicle, which Pro Tow denied, but the delivery truck was running perfectly before it was towed. After six hours of frustration dealing with Pro Tow, the tow victim called Denton Police again and requested an officer to come to the storage lot.

Once the officer arrived, he and vehicle owner crawled under the truck and observed the shifter rod had been tampered with, as the truck was towed in gear from where it was parked in front their business to the storage lot ten miles away.

The Denton Police Officer gave the business owner an offense report for vehicle damage caused by Pro Tow and documented the impounded vehicle was never reported to law enforcement.

It is recommended that the public and businesses do not call Pro Tow Wrecker Service for any towing due to fact they destroyed a transmission to vehicle they towed without probable cause and continue to tow vehicles in violation of State Law from private parking lots.

Pro Tow Wrecker Service basically stole the vehicle and soon they will have to answer before a Judge for a statutory violation lawsuit and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for failing to report the vehicle to law enforcement within two hours, not to mention towing the vehicle illegally.

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