Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Austin Police Department Implements Zero Tolerance for Illegal Towing & Drop Fees

It has finally happened after a series of emails to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo and City Council members detailing the corruption that has existed within the wrecker enforcement unit chain of command regarding private property towing.

I have been informed by high ranking members of the Police Department that the Chief of Police has ordered "zero tolerance" for illegal parking violations on public or private parking lots and any violations of the Texas Towing Law and the current outdated city ordinance.

What this means is, tow companies, their drivers, vehicle storage facilities, their employees and parking facilities will no longer be allowed to abuse the citizens and many thousand of tourists with violating the law without impunity. 

So those tow truck operators who have been making questionable tows, stashing impounds, speeding on our roadway with vehicles in tow without safety chains, charging illegal drop fees, refusing to allow someone to pay a drop fee, soliciting bribes to parking facilities, installing tow signs, providing kickbacks to property managers, bribing police officers and using spotters who are employees of the tow company, your days of taking advantage of people, are over!

You will be caught and the penalty will be severe, that includes being arrested.