Saturday, February 15, 2014

Statutory Violation & Theft Liability Lawsuits - No Upfront Attorney Fees -

Anybody that has been towed or charged a drop fee, from a public or private parking lot, 2014 will be your year to collect more than your vehicle is worth.

SXSW is going on right now in Austin, as are many sporting events, predatory tow companies, J&J Towing, Reliant, Park Right, Austin Express, A&A, Albert's, Customz, and Southside Wrecker are targeting your vehicle.

Statutory Violation Lawsuit

Texas State Law allows a vehicle owner or operator or lienholder to recover triple damages (towing and storage charges, cost of repairs caused during towing/storage) plus $1000.00 and attorney fees.  
It's recommended to have an attorney to represent you during these proceedings. The maximum dollar amount that can be recovered in Justice Court is $10,000.00. In District Court where most the "statutory violation lawsuits" are filed, the maximum dollar amount is over $10,000 in civil fines paid to you.

Your not required to have an attorney, but I recommend it.

Should the parking facility refuse to pay a court ordered judgement, a writ of execution will be obtained through the Court after paying the appropriate fee which is added to the judgement which will include interest and the total judgment will be collected by the Constable for you and your attorney.  In several instances, when the Constable is sent to collect the money or seize property, businesses are shutdown until payment is made in full.

These civil proceedings may take awhile to complete, but, it will be well worth the wait considering the damages you will collect without having to pay upfront attorney and filing fees.

You should always question the towing of your vehicle when towed without your consent from private property.  Immediately after being towed, use your cellphone to take up close photos of the red and white towing signs, where they are posted, designated parking spaces to make sure the space identifier is both the front and rear of the parking space.  IF your vehicle is towed for an expired inspection or registration sticker and you did not receive a certified letter from the apartment complex, but did from the towing company, your in luck to cash in for a $1000 plus triple damages and your attorney fees.

Be sure to read this article so you can better understand how you were scammed by the tow company and property owner.

If you have been towed by anyone within the last two years, please contact our team at 512-236-1114 or use your cellphone to take pictures of the signs posted, the all the paperwork, to

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