Thursday, March 3, 2016

Predatory Longhorn Wrecker Inc Nailed in Illegal Towing Incident with $47,227..14

Longhorn Wrecker Inc nailed in illegal towing incident and court awards victim, $47,227.14 and increases $100 per day until judgement is paid. TDLR has a complaint for the judgment and soon their tow company license with be revoked for failure to pay a court ordered judgment for illegal towing.

Longhorn's tow company license is suspended due to their insurance being revoked, which means they cannot operate or tow any vehicles.

Those dishonest predatory Southwest Tow Operator member tow companies best take notice of this Judgement, as the Texas Towing Compliance tow victims are coming after you, for violating any part of the Occupations Code 2308 and you will lose.

We have educated the public more than the Continuing Education Providers approved by TDLR for tow companies, and we will no stone unturned in our continued fight for every tow victim.