Friday, February 12, 2010

Austin Towing Association & Southwest Tow Operators Member Indicted by Travis County Grand Jury

Just as I expected, the Travis County Grand Jury true billed Don Lee Creamer, the owner of Central Towing of Austin, Texas for his involvement in the towing scam last year, during the SXSW Music Festival. Creamer has a long history in the private property towing business, dating back to the early 80's, so his criminal conduct has landed him right where he belongs, under the supervision of the Court.

Creamer is scheduled to appear before Judge Lynch next week, February 17, 2009.

Creamer's company, 4th name change, Central Towing Inc are members of the Austin Towing Association and the Southwest Tow Operators

Central Towing has appeared in several news stories in the Austin area for scamming motorists and Creamer's wife was caught ripping off the State Comptroller for sales tax monies they pocketed.

So one has to wonder, why any business owner would use a towing company that disobeys State Law and pays it's employees cash under the table to avoid federal withholding and employment taxes.

The public is encouraged to obtain a copy of the indictment, the case number is D1-DC-09-301068.