Friday, February 19, 2010

Federal Law Enforcement Officer Victim of Illegal Towing in Beamount, Texas


A federal law enforcement officer whom was granted permission to park his vehicle at an Exxon Service Station in Beaumont, Texas, was ripped off by a wrecker driver for Spanky's Wrecker Service This victim called me through my website inquiring about what action he should take, cause everyone he talked to would'nt help him.

This morning I contacted Don Bracker with the Beaumont Police Department seeking some assistance in the matter, for the victim. After meeting the victim to show where he parked his vehicle, talked with the service station management and the towing company, it was determined, yes his vehicle was wrongfully towed.

George Stanley, the owner of Spanky's rightfully refunded the guy's money back for this unlawful tow.

Again, a towing company taking advantage of consumers and a parking facility caught in a lie when questioned by the Police.