Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Texas Parking Protections Escape Further Harm by Predatory Towing Lobby in 83rd Texas Legislature

The motoring public has escaped the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature with many parking protections and law enforcement tools left intact.  The win side of issues, depending who you ask, was the tow hearing jurisdiction which is awaiting the Gov's signature. 

At least, the many victims of predatory practices by local towing companies, can choose another JP Court within the County the vehicle was towed, instead of a money making machine court for the towing company's law firm.

Why I was against this legislation:  For one, it ruled out any recourse for motorist to contest the drop fee which could range from a $125 for a passenger vehicle to $1000 for a tractor trailer. 

Another issue the towing industry sought to change was the expired inspection/registration sticker notification process, but that bill died in committee.

Therefore, law enforcement will be required to take a greater role in holding "both" the property manager and the tow truck operator responsible for violating the law, since it carries a criminal penalty.  This continued nonsense of law enforcement not holding property managers (parking facility owner) liable for committing criminal acts behind towing must be stopped!

Motorists who find themselves a victim at the hands of a wrecker driver are urged to file a complaint with TDLR and your local law enforcement agency, since any violation of the towing law carries a criminal penalty.  Do not allow a police officer or deputy sheriff tell you it's a civil issue when Texas State Law says it's criminal and been that way since 2004.

More and more law Texas law enforcement agencies are witnessing before their eyes as predatory towing companies opening up in their communities wrecking havoc. Many law enforcement agencies in Texas lack the training nor have knowledge of the law.

I would like to thank all of those who contacted your state representative to block several towing related bills from moving forward, it paid off.   

Don't forget to checkout Texas Towing Compliance for resource information.