Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Complete Lawlessness

Certain towing companies in the Austin, DFW, San Antonio, and Houston are causing great financial harm to citizens. Outright stealing and our Courts are to heavily influence by campaign donations or law enforcement agencies saw their wrecker enforcement unit dissolved.

Take in San Antonio, as of today, it's complete lawlessness for wrecker drivers, drivers have little chance of getting help from the San Antonio Police Department or TDLR, even when their right, about not having to pay the $120 drop fee. But this does little to console the single mom left stranded in a parking lot.  The citizens of San Antonio are being screwed to the max, only because members of San Antonio City Council have made no attempt to regulate non-consent tow fees. Why should they have to pay $250, when the same fee is $150 in Austin?

Why the FBI is not looking into the corruption surrounding the ex San Antonio Mayor, City Council and City Manager's Office involvement in awarding a contract to Assured Towing Inc is mind boggling.

Refusing to regulate the towing fees and dissolving the wrecker enforcement unit to investigate valid criminal complaints of wrecker drivers and parking facilities violate the Civil Rights of everyone forced to pay a ransom to recover their possession.

By not regulating non-consent towing (private property impounds and wrecks), the public will always be taken advantage of, no doubt about it.

TDLR (Texas department of licensing and regulation) must to a better job of tracking their licensees, specifically wrecker drivers and vehicle storage facility employees, this agency's failures in regulating the towing industry, will result in permanent harm to our economy.

Complaints about damage to vehicles after being towed and personal property stolen are increasing. Consumers are disgusted with the run around by towing companies and TDLR about damage to their vehicles and rightfully they should be.  The very compliance issues with the VSF (vehicle storage facility) are still lacking, as wrecker drivers continue to turn in an inventory of the vehicle, noting damage caused by the wrecker driver, as "prior damage".

I have discovered another unlicensed tow truck operating with a bogus license number, TDLR, APD and TSCAT all know about it, I''m sure this individual will be found.

The last unlicensed tow truck I reported was captured Jan 26th by Round Rock PD, impounded and driver sent walking, as I am sure if the above tow truck is seen, it to could face the same fate.

I know those law enforcement agencies who continue to fight towing related crime will not be discouraged in their endeavor to seek justice for victims of criminal illegal towing and commend all of you for dedication, but will continue to protect the motoring public from unscrupulous towing companies, who continue to prey on our citizens.