Thursday, April 11, 2013

Risks of Living in Apartment or Rental Housing Manager and Towing Company Scamming Residents & Guest

Would you want to live in an apartment complex or rental housing if you discovered the property manager was getting a kickback, in the form of cash, gift cards, gambling trips to Las Vegas or free parking lot striping from the towing company that towed your or your visitor's vehicle during the middle of the night and forced to pay $200+ to get it released from the storage lot?

Property Management Companies, who are members of the Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tarrant County and Texas Apartment Associations expect residents in their complexes to obey their rules, but, they turn around and accept kickbacks and bribes from towing companies.

Property managers can't say they don't know they couldn't accept kickbacks, because every office at an apartment complex keeps an updated version of the TAA Redbook, that explains the State Law regulations regarding the towing of vehicles.

One of the problems with some property managers, are they are weak when it comes to turning away a towing company salesman offering their services, signs, including striping, parking permits, letters to be given to their residents, and place orange warning stickers on vehicles all at a price they could not get from anyone else, free.

It never passes through a property manager or supervisor's mind that they chance going to jail if they sign a contract with a towing company, that includes all the above mentioned perks.

Towing company salesmen or account managers are taught to make the property manager feel they will not be responsible for any vehicle that gets towed and they will be held harmless, another bald face lie. But, we see many property managers belly up and accept bribes daily from towing companies.

Poor residents that are struggling financially to make ends meet, while their property manager is collecting not only a paycheck, but kickbacks from the towing company for each vehicle towed.

Me, personally, I think any property manager, should be allowed to authorize a towing company to patrol their parking lot and allow their drivers to use their discretion on which vehicle to impound. 

But in some instances, a vehicle will be impounded for barely touching the white/yellow parking stripe. 

On another instance, a wrecker driver will find a vehicle with the windows rolled down and remove the parking permit, them impound the vehicle. 

Still shocking illegal activity, is the wrecker driver taking a vehicle that is perfectly parked and move the vehicle in the fire lane, over the parking stripe, photograph it, then impound the vehicle, all because the property manager them gave authorization.

Now since taking photographs or video of a vehicle prior to towing to validate the reason for impoundment, wrecker drivers tend to use this photograph documentation to their benefit.

This type of criminal conduct must be reported, investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement.