Friday, August 31, 2012

TAMU Towing Scam Exposed - Motorists Get Screwed

A long running policy of Texas A&M University at College Station to charge the vehicle owner, a $75 towing service fee, is staggering and illegal that carries a criminal penalty.  Vehicle owners whom are towed have rights, the tow truck driver must offer a drop fee, prior to leaving. In one incident, a tow truck driver ran over a vehicle owner that is now homeless less the use of his legs.

A recent email:

I have a story to relate. 
Texas AM University charges $75 if they call a tow truck to remove your car.  I was illegally parked (intentionally) for 30 min to unload heavy tools and equipment in a very congested area.  The intent was to unload then move the car.  I was in the reserved spot for 30 min with a University parking tag (for another area in the boonies) .  the parking guy was on me quick and ticketed me for 30 bucks but also told me a tow truck had been called and I receive a $75 citation even if the tow truck is called and does not tow the vehicle.  
My thought is well that was a bad deal for tamu and since no service was provided then I should not have to pay.
I read the article on San Marcos and not sure if that applies here or not. Mention was made about state law preventing a show up fee charge?  
Keep up the great work.  
Mit freundlich Grüßen,
Christopher S. Jaska
Of course this practice is illegal, hopefully soon TAMU will obey State Law and change their towing policy.