Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Motorist Threatened With Arrest for filing police report for illegal tow

A distraught motorist in Grapevine, Texas was threatened with arrest for filing a false police report when no towing signs were present at the time of removal.  Even the arriving officer noted the only signs posted where road construction signs, but insisted there was nothing he could do, being on private property. The motorist requested a supervisor to arrive to discuss  further,  the issue was ready to transport drop fees. The Grapevine PD Sgt scolded the motorists stating the police cannot get involved in towing disputes on private property.

To add salt to the wound, this SGT authorized the tow truck operator to charge an illegal waiting time fee in addition the state law maximum fee.  I told the motorist not to give up, as the Grapevine Police Department has a moral obligation to uphold the law.

In Midland, Texas, home to a Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Commissioner, the Midland Police Department has been allowing predatory towing companies based in Odessa to steal vehicles from apartment complexes in violation of State Law, that carries a criminal penalty, specifically Occupations Code 2308.405, for many years.

The issue in Midland is the towing of vehicles from apartment complexes for expired inspection or registration stickers without the required notice, to a vehicle storage facility 30 miles away in Odessa.

The Midland and Grapevine Police Departments need additional training so their officers will recognize criminal illegal towing and practices, instead of taking the do nothing approach, so organized crime can line their pockets of ill gotten money of it's citizens.

Every victim of these illegal practices that contacted me, was encouraged to file a complaint against the towing company with TDLR.