Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TDLR Towing, Storage and Booting Advisory Board Meeting 3-23-14

The public is encouraged to watch this meeting in the morning, which will be shown live beginning at 10:00am.  You can watch it at work, school, home or away on your computer, tablet or smartphone at:

The public needs to watch these predatory tow company owners in action advising the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation how to regulate them.

The Public Comments should be entertaining and heated at this meeting!

Texas Towing Compliance will speak at this meeting during public comments about the legal tow sign and continued use of kickbacks to gain towing contracts.

The agenda for tomorrow's meeting can be viewed here:

It's important to file a complaint with TDLR against a tow company and vehicle storage facility if you feel your rights have been violated.